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Sore Elbow

I posted this question in Charles Staley’s EDT ‘Article,’ but it has apparently died, so I’m reposting here.

One of the exercises in his routine is Lying DB Tricep Extensions. I think they’re hurting my elbows. Am I not warming up enough, or should I just pick a different tricep exercise? The weight I’m using is my absolute max for 10 reps.

Here’s what I’m doing:

warm up with no weight: 15-20 reps, then:
Chin-ups, 27.5 lbs * 5 reps
Dips, 60 lbs * 5 reps (my shoulders are much better now)
100 reps total

warm up Tricep Ext: 25lbs * 5, 305, 355, 405, 455, then:
Lying DB Tricep Extensions: 45lbs * 5
EZ Curl bar: 85 lbs * 5, no warmup
60 +/- reps total

Believe it or not, every single one of the exercises you listed would/could cause pain in my elbows. Pull ups really do it to me. Dips don’t usually, but if they are already hurting it will make it worse. Same with extensions. The EZ curl bar always wrecks me. One thing I’ve done is start wearing neoprene elbow sleeves. I recently purchased a pair from Elitefts that I like (Meuller brand).

It could be that it’s just the lift, but it might also be the movements you do before that causes it.

So I’d say if it’s just that lift you can try going a little lighter to get used to the movement, or find a new exercise you can do heavier that doesn’t hurt. Maybe try some close grip bench or floor presses.

I’ll also add that a little bit of ART has helped as well as stretching. For me it’s the brachialis.

Sometimes my elbows hurt if I do too much tricep stuff. Its usually just inflamation and can be fixed by taking it easy for a little while and icing.

The only direct tricep work I do is pushdowns with different types of attachments, lite and lots of reps, the elbow pain is gone.

Yeah, I forgot to add that I have been ending my workouts lately with very light, high rep tricep work. I’ll do “pistons” on a high pulley machine (Tate uses bands) where you punch straight down. I’ve worked up to 1 set of 100 with 40 lbs. I also do similar with rope pulldowns.

At the risk of being obvious, what hurts? Is it muscle attachment, fascial, mechanical joint pain, ligamentous,…? Also, inside elbow, outside, rear attachment,…? It might help to know where/how you’re hurting to discern why. Does it hurt under tension but not at rest (or vice versa)?

Finally, I might have missed it, but how long has it been hurting? Have you been working through it or stop when it starts to hurt?

Thanks for your patience.


If soreness due to tendonitus then see: