Sore Clavicles From Cleans?

I just started doing cleans and front squats with an Olympic type finish (high elbows) yesterday. While everything seemed to go pretty smooth and I’m feeling great, i noticed that my clavicles are a bit tender this morning. When i say that I mean from the fact that the bar was resting on them, as with a regular olympic style clean or front squat.

It is not any type of joint problem, actually my shoulders (joint) feel awesome. It’s more of like a very, very, mild bruise. Yesterday was my first time ever doing them like this (before i would have elbows down, I know, bad)and I was wondering is this going to go away over time, or does this feeling meaning that I am doihng them wrong.

I have a feeling it will go away, just like your shins when you start muay thai (anyone who has ever done muay thai knows what i mean). Any feedback and pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I sometimes get sore clavicles like you describe when I do heavy front squats. Nothing to worry about and over time you’ll probably stop getting them.

This is from having heavy iron slam onto your clavicle and upper chest. Anything where you stand with the bar in front of you has the potential to make you feel like this: Push Press, Front Squat, Power Cleans, whatever.