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Sore Calves

On thursday i went to the gym and trained calves for the first time in while (well, i played basketball a bit but in terms of weight training.) Today is sunday and my calves are still very sore. They hurt so much i dont think i can keep both my legs straight when i stand up.

I feel most the pain in my upper calves, right by the back of my knee. The inside part of my calves are also sore. Another thing to mention is that on friday, i had a basketball practice, but i didnt do any of the drills 100%, and i remember being more sore in my hammies then my calves.

Does anyone have any suggestion about what i could do to help the soreness go away? I will probably go back to the gym today and i was thinking about doing 1-2 sets of relatively light calf raises. would this also help?


I’d just leave em alone until they’re not sore anymore. That is pretty long to remain that sore, but not unheard of if you haven’t worked em in a while. Nutrition, in my book is the best way to minimize doms for future reference. A lot of guys get good results from BCAA’s.

I’d agree… I wouldn’t do any direct work -but you may consider walking…just to keep the blood flowing.
Think of it as ‘active recovery’


Take some vitamin C tablets

I wouldn’t do anything more than just walking. Also try an epsom salt bath - you can get epsom salts at drug or grocery stores for really cheap and they should still be open for a while yet today.

This has happened to me a few times. A hot bath usually helps somewhat but you’re just going to have to ride it out. What ever you do, I wouldn’t try doing a light/high-rep calf so as to try and alleviate the soreness. This can work for other body parts but the calves are so dense that it only seems to prolong the pain, at least for me. That and not waiting so long between calf workouts.

After another day of walking, i actually think that my pain is where the hamstring crosses the knee joint like in a GHR. It seems like my upper calf/back knee is what is bothering me, and that is exactly feel the GHR when i do them. I didnt do GHR though. i remember doing some back extensions and i did calves (both i did separate) but i finished off the workout with a set of calves supersetted with a set of back extensions. That may have been the culprit! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help.


Roll them out with a tennis ball and stretch them.

The doms seems normal though. Hits hard two days after, then subsides steadily.

That’ll teach you not to talk off so long from calf training. Seriously though rub some blue heat or a similar product on them. Do a light pump set of two and then stretch them out after the blue heat has them nice and warm.

The gastroc does attach behind the knee so your problem could still be your calf

When’s the last time you replaced your shoes, your shoes could be worn out.

What stretches do you do after practice?