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Sore Bones


Does anyone else get sore bones specifically in the forearms when doing Heavy Barbell curls. Whenever I set the weight down my bone kills for like 5-10 secs and now the day after from 5X5 my righ forearm bone is kinda sore, feels bruised almost.


This used to happen to me when i was younger, especially when i did dumbbell bench press. I remember my bones being sore for days after a heavy day. It went away over time.


Drink more milk, maybe??


This has been covered several times before. The last time, which couldn't have been two months ago, I posted diagrams to get the point across. Some of you need to search for info before you type a question. Chances are, your question has been asked before.

Bottom line, the bones in your arm bend a little from force applied. the pain you feel would be them returning to their normal form. Weight lifting increases bone density. Your nutrition is also a factor. That means keep lifting, keep eating and eventually that pain may decrease. Another factor may be the type of curls you are doing. Using the EZ curl bar causes the two bones in your forearms to cross over one another. That can mean a better application of stress between them possibly reducing the discomfort.




This used to happen to me to the point where I couldn't even do any heavy curls. I dropped the weight on the curls by about 40% and worked my forearms a lot more for about 3 weeks. Once my forearm strength caught up the pain went away completely.