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Sore Back

My back has been sore since saturday morning, not sure exactly why to be honest, on thursday night I fucked around doing some cleans for the first time at gym, however I didn’t really feel much friday morning.

I was meant to go to gym friday arvo but I was too tired so I went saturday morning, woke up and my back was a little sore I didn’t think much about it, just warm up and it’ll be good. did some deads, lat pull down and calf raises(did other exercises but they wouldn’t have stressed my back at all).

Now it being monday it still feels the same, its down my lower back at the spine and cant think why it would still be sore, any advice? today is chest, triceps and shoulders, is training this going to be alright?/

what should i do?

You may have slightly pulled it. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a deloading week or something.

Pain is a poor indicator of how severe the injury is. Often slight injuries cause the worst pain while serious injuries can go almost undetected.