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Sore Back vs Injured Back

To keep things short and to the point I did a workout and now my back is aching. I’ve never had my back ache before so not sure if its caused by being sore or if I did something with bad form during my workout. Is there any way to know?

I’d imagine if I did something during my workout it would’ve hurt immediately and this didn’t start hurting until about 2 hours after my workout. Of course usually when my arms or legs get sore that occurs the next day not in a few hours.

Ever felt what lower back soreness feels like? If the muscle is sore it should normally hurt by touching/massaging it.
What exercises did you do and was it any different than usual? (new exercises, more volume or more weight are what usually induce soreness, in that order of importance)

Well it could have been a number of things.

The only knew exercise I did was weighted push-ups with a 25lb plate on my back.

I did Clean and Jerk, Seated and Standing Calf Raises, Squats, Pull-ups, Weighted Push-ups, Dips, Sit-ups, and Hanging Leg Raises. Then I did some work on the heavy bag.

But I also live in Samoa where the tsunami hit and was volunteering at the Red Cross on Wed, Thurs, Fri loading and unloading trucks full of supplies including some very heavy tents and sleepings bags.

Right now it feels like the middle of my back is in pain particularly when being rotated. The worst is when I look straight down towards my chest/feet. I did spar today and it wasn’t hurting then but when I lay down or sit down its pretty bad and as I said when I look down. Its also hurting a bit when I do a crunch.

I’m thinking at this point I probably injured it somehow and guess all I can do is rest a bit and hope it gets better. I’m wondering if running is a bad idea.

Yes it definitely isn’t soreness at this point. You might have asked too much of your back for a few days in a row and ended up hurting yourself.
Just don’t do any exercises that hurt for a while, including unloading trucks! Try the movements that do hurt everyday and see if the pain diminishes. If it doesn’t at all in 3-4 days from now then maybe it’s more serious and you should consult.
Does running hurt? If not then it’s fine as long as you don’t overdo it. For abs you could do isometric exercises like the plank, it shouldn’t hurt.

give it 2 - 3 days

if the pain is still there, and you cant really pin point it, you might nhave to find yourself a physician

I tried running and after about 1/4mile it hurt terribly so stopped all activity entirely and its a little better but not quite. I’m gonna give it 2 more days and then if its still not good try to find a physician.