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Sore Back After Chiropractor Adjustment

Hi guys I went to see a chiropractor as I have been having a bit of pain in the neck and back here and there, not a lot pain just some tension etc,

So I thought it would be a good idea to go and get this tension released with a chiropractor adjustment,
After having the adjustment yesterday I have some pain in my back that I haven’t felt before,
Does anyone know if this is normal?
The guy has been doing in 20 years but I feel he didn’t really spend much time to feel my back for pain, instead he was using these machines to try and measure pressure on my back, I much prefer someone handed on and I’m skeptical how accurate these machines were,
Now I’m a bit worried that he has put my spine out of line,

Have you had any chiro work performed before? Typically if it’s your first or second time, there can be some soreness afterwards. Nothing to worry about.

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Hi buddy I had some around 6 years ago when I was teenager but nothing since then,
I didn’t remember it hurting afterwards that time,
I done some stretches couple hours ago and that has eased the pain a bit,

I would wait and see what develops. If anything, a little Ibuprofen should settle it down, but I highly doubt it’s anything serious. If you’re still concerned, try tracking down a new chiropractor. Ideally, one who is accustomed to treating athletes. I went to a chiropractor years ago when my back felt off, he did x-rays, and asked me about my habits at the gym. When I told him I deadlifted and squatted, he said to discontinue immediately. I walked out and found a new one.

Ok I see what you mean,
My main concern is that this guy may have adjusted me wrong,
As he didn’t do all sides and angles,
He just done one side as he said that side was out of balance,
He got me to lay down then said 1 of my foot is sitting longer than the other, and that why he adjusted 1 side I think,

I haven’t gone in two years but my guy sometimes did that. If he thinks only one side is out then he may only do one side. Like the other guy said, give it some time, see how you feel in a few days.

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He was probably using a Gonstead device to assess heat signatures on your spine.

Did the chiro take xrays or perform anytime of assessments before he began adjusting besides using the device?