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Sore Ankles After Cardio


Well as you can see after cardio (running) my ankles are quite sore the next day...any ideas on what I can do? I'm not hugely overweight (195 5'11", 12-15%bf) and I can't afford orthotics...I only run for 15 mintues, and walk on an incline for 30...wtf?


Stop running.


Try icing the ankles after running. Also, it may help if you did some strength work for you ankles with some bands.


Better than a sore belly button after sex!


Try no incline and see if that helps.


Any other suggestions for cardio then?


I beg your pardon but I don't follow?

My belly button has never been carnally taken before.....


Are you new to running? If so being sore would be expected (at least I was). If you want to keep running to meet a goal, start slow and easy. As a starting point, take a look at some of the beginner running programs for a 5K race. Many of them will have you begin conditioning with several weeks of jogging/walking then build up slowly. Also make sure you have good shoes. It does make a difference.

If you are running for cardio conditioning (as opposed to a 'running' goal) there are plenty of other options that won't have you poundng away. For machines try cycling, ellipticals, versa climber, or rowing. If you like swimming, hit the pool.


ride a bike.