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Sore Ankle

Ok, so I’m not sure about which forum to post this on so I appologize ahead of time if there was a better choice.

Last winter I broke a bone in my right ankle. I really took my time getting it back in shape and didn’t do any squats/deads etc until june (broke in feb.)

The last few weeks I have felt some soreness in that area. I have started CT’s Total Body workout a week ago, and also about 2 weeks ago had two intense Muay Thai training sessions in which my shins/insteps had serious impact.

I have a two-part question.

1.) Besides stopping muay thai for a while; are there any lifts/stretches/exercises ya’ll know of that I can do to strengthen my ankle?

2.) What is the best bone/calcium supplement out there? My bone might be at 90% instead of 100% as far as thickness/strength goes; so maybe some glucosamene (sp?) or calcium something’s might help?