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Sore All The Time


Hello all,

I have been training for 3 months now and it seems every time I workout I get sore 2 days later. I expected it in the first few weeks and the intensity of soreness has gone down by about half but it is still persistent. I walk to my gym, lift, walk on the treadmill for about 10 minutes, stretch, then walk home. Total time spent is usually 60-90 minutes 3 days a week.

Is there anything else I can do to prevent this muscle soreness from happening or reduce its intensity?


Other than adequate rest and proper diet, no. I've been lifting for years and still get delayed onset muscle soreness once in awhile. You could try Anaconda, they claim you can train more with it.

Theoretically DOMS can be prevented by just limiting the concentric and ismoetric contractions of an exercise, but this is not possible in all movements of course. In my experience though, just keep training through it. You will get stronger and more adapted to your program, it is normal.

Google search "DOMS" if you would like to learn more about what you are experiencing.


You mean limiting your ecentric cotractions?


Oops! I wrote that terribly I think, "limiting exercise TO the concentric..." is what I was trying to say. Thanks for catching that MotherofPearl.


drinking plenty of water, sleep enough, eat enough, massage targeted area...

that'll help reduce the soreness... ure gonna be sore either way tho... even if its a little


Eat more and lift more often. 3 days a week and your body isnt adapting to the stress.


I think I discovered my problem. I lift at a slow tempo with an especially slow eccentric phase. I am going to try speeding up the eccentric phase a little bit and see if that helps.


I still get incredibly sore in glute/low back tie-in area.

At the moment I'm basically working lower my back 4 days a week (ie every time I train) w deadlifts and GMS on one day, squats and cleans on another, and 2 days of heavy rowing.

If you have access to bumper plates I'd drop your deadlifts = no eccentric

As long as I'm getting stronger I can deal with the pain

Sometimes it hits me from standing up or walking up stairs


You should foam roll


I do! - I pvc pipe roll


My parents used to have a foam roller. I need to get one. I tried bumping up the weight slightly and speeding up my lifts this week and it has worked so far. It feels just as intense but I have not been sore yet. Also Bonez, I am taking your advice and I have added a 4th training day to my week.


The more important part of my post was the "eat more" part. But that's good.


Also. There is a difference between soreness and pain. A fine line IMO. Soreness is normal. Pain is a bad thing. Levels of soreness should and will vary.


add 5-10 min of dynamic stretching and mobility work before lifting...it'll warm up your joints, increase your range of motion, and i'm guessing reduce some of the delayed soreness. on rest days maybe take some walks or do a little bit of low intensity cardio for an active recovery.

soreness is not necessarily a bad thing, though...it may be a good sign that you're really pushing yourself and constantly progressing


^^What they said. Sore is usually good, but watch out for pain. There is actually a trick that endurance athletes use to help with DOMS. After your done with your workout, take a cold shower, and I mean really cold, like you can't take any colder, for anywhere from 5-7 minutes. I've used it a few times on my leg days and it defiantly works. I'll be honest though, it really sucks for that 5-7 minutes.


Yea, i think everyone is saying the right thing...Soreness is something you should experience after your workouts, if not your not doing enough...but like everyone said, sleep, eat, rest, hydrate, and stretch..pretty simple