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Sore After Starting CW's TBT


So, I began Waterbury's Total Body Training(TBT) program from Muscle Revolution.

The first day of the program(modified by me),
DB Bench Press(3x5)
Standing calf raise(3x5)
Reverse crunch(3x10)

Since I have not squatted in 3 weeks(used Hypertrophy II by Schuler and Alwyn), my legs are very sore.

Should I do my second workout on Wednesday(tonight) as Waterbury recommends, or wait until tomorrow when I am not as sore?


If you're gonna do somebody's program I'd do it the way they prescribe.


I agree work through it and youll adapt, UNLESS you are VERY sore if its painful to walk etc then no but just sore yhea



I usually get sore when I try a new program or exercise. It goes away after the first couple of sessions. Definitely work through the soreness if it's just muscle soreness (no joint or ligament pain). It's just your muscles letting you know they're getting bigger :wink: