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Sore abs, great!


I know 'sorenes doesn't indicate progress etc etc' But sometimes it shows you you're on the right tack. I rarely get sore, usually soreness is mild and just after I've started a new exercise.
However its a little different this time:

I have been doing crunches on one of those benches where you can rest your calves on an adjustable pad (see pic) now I've used heavy weight (~70lb) but was worried about neck issues. I finally decieded to use a jumpstretch band attached to a DB under the bench and loop the band (started with a mini and worked up, over the weeks, to a green) around my chest. I found this hard and it felt 'right' It wasn't until I added a litle weight to this set up (5kg + 2.5kg plate held at the forehead) that I really felt it, so Friday I aimed at 4 sets of 15 with 60sec rest.
I managed 15,15,15,8.

Flet sore Saturday and today. Obvious things like coughing and laughing hurt a litle (it's not debilitating) but it was nice to feel the abs working while walking my dog this morning, each time I corrected her for pulling I could feel my abs contract to stabilise my torso. And no she's not a big dog (40lb lab springer cross)

So in summary I feel the traditional weighted crunch does little at the top of the move, the band adds extra tension at this point making the weighted band crunch a good exercise, try it and see what you think.


For me, nothing makes my abs more sore than several strict sets of weighted chins.


A good workout can be accompanied by soreness the next, or even 2 days after, but it's not the indicator of muscle gain progression. You can do your ab work, but if you want to see that 6 pack you better loose fat on your whole body first.


Nothing gets my abs more sore than doing some heavy front squats without my belt.



He stated exactly what you pointed out...


why is soreness not an indicator of progress?


Actually I remember my first shotput workout as the day my abs had the most soreness.


i get really sore abs when i do sprints in bare feet on the beach


i get really sore abs from ironing my t-shirts while hanging upside down from a tree filled with fez wearing howler monkeys throwing anvils at my face. i still can't do the one-handed version.


I tried that but I'm not keen on the fez (plural of fez?).


Weighted situps on the decline bench really gets mine sore every week and usually for a few days afterwards. I've been doing them for a year and currently do 125x2x12. I use a dumbell. People give me funny looks LOL. I hold the weight just under my nipples. Can't wait to lean out some and see what I've built.

Also standing presses for a 5x5 tear them up.


1 arm incline DB presses.

Stole them from Push


I get sore abs from having sex standing up with the chicks legs wrapped around me......


I can have a great workout and get less sore than if I had a shitty workout and bad nutrition.

However, keeping all things equal, I think being more sore is a good indicator of a good workout. Which, I think, is what you're saying.