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Sore Abs From Cardio

Alright,I started cardio again bout 2-3 weeks ago,i do b-ball with 50 yard dashs(i do 4) ill go do like 20 clap-ups shoot for 5 mins then do a sprint,then repeat.I jog around when I’m shooting and I always keep my body as tight as I can when I run.My abs hurt worse after my cardio day then when I work them in the gym,anyone have ideas about why this might be?my obliques hurt the most after cardio

There is a rotational component that your obliques have to counter with one foot on the ground.
So left foot on ground R obilque fires, right foot on ground L oblique fires.

This a simplified version of
running gait muscle recruitment patterns
I would get the same soreness after my first track workout of the season.
Hope this explination helps.
Dr. Tim

i can see that,thank you

also, if your back is tight, it will put more strain on your abs to keep you upright. probablythough, its what drtim said, but watch out for that