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Soprano's Storyline Ideas!


Is it me or is this the most disappointing Soprano season ever? I see no continuity. The storyline is bland. Artie all of the sudden growing balls when the last time we saw him he was crying a a lil preteen schoolgirl. Vito in some little town hoping to get boinked?

Here are some ideas to make the season more exciting.
1)Anthony Jr. introduces Meadow into some Heroin. She gets addicted and goes to New York where she turns into a prostitute to support her habit. Her pimp is Phil Leotardo.

2) Paulie finds out he is gay as Vito helps him with his prostate problem.

3) Janice baby father is really Phil Leotardo!

4) Tony banging Dr. Melfi when Carmella walks in on them with Anthony Jr.

5) Phil whacking Christopher as he knows about Janice baby.

6) Artie takes roids and beefs up, and in a roid induced rage, kills Carmela in his restaurant.


4 Surely the writers will give us what we've been waiting for ?

6 ... now that's just fucking genius, but let's make sure it's during one of her "holier than thou" rants, and he bitch slaps the fuck out of her before killing her.


1) I think Tony is going to end up whacking Phil Leotardo for Johnny Sac. It will eventually get back to John that Phil is circumnavigating the chain of command. When he hears this, he will enlist T's help, with the understanding that the Soprano family is to temporarily assume control of NY operations after Phil is gone. John will go to prison for life on RICO charges, and Tony will be the boss of NJ and NY.

2) The thing with Carmella's housing plan will rear it's ugly head again. I don't think she buys Tony's explanation of Adrianna's disappearance, either. The two of these will come back to bite Tony in a bad way. I'm thinking the show may end with Carmella killing Tony.

3) Something will happen with AJ. I can see him trying to do something to earn his dad's respect and getting killed. Carmella may blame T for this and end up killing him.