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Soprano's last Night

Awesome episode. What struck me was when Christopher is at the gas station, thinking about what Adriana has just told him.

He pats the Hummer, an expensive car. Then he sees the ugly, joe-schlub family walk out of the EZ Mart.
The unshaven guy dressed like shit with a bad haircut holding a bottle of Mountain Dew, the fat wife, the shitty car with luggage wrapped in trash bags strapped to the car.

Obviously he’s thinking about what life is going to be like in the witness protection program.

You know what that reminded me of? The ending of Goodfellas. Ray Liotta shuffles out the door in his robe and slippers to pick up the morning paper in his suburban home. Then he goes into how life sucks as a regular citizen. No money, no good times, no preferential treatment, no more being a star.

I guess Christopher didn’t want to end up as just another ham-and-egger.


I thought the same thing “I gotta stand in line like a schnook. I order maranara sauce and I get pasta with katchup.”

Great episode.

it was great…its been a great season…cant wait for the season finally…do any of you guys watch deadwood that show is great also…bm

Katsup and egg noodles actually Haha

That was a fantastic show tonight and I can hardly wait two weeks for the finale. I figured Adriana was going to get whacked since she’s going to be in a new series in the fall with one of the guys from Friends.

The gas station scene with Christopher was perfect.

this season has been the best. only the first season comes close.


yeah, egg noddles and ketchup.

Classic line and classic ending to a film

Goodfellas… best gangsta flick ever hands down!

Anyone else think had he not seen the couple at the gas station would he most likely of flipped?

A Bronx Tale is up there with Goodfellas. My favorite line is when the bikers try to bust up the bar and Sonny locks the door and says, “Now you’s can’t leave.”

Thats one of my fav movie scenes of all time when they kick the shit out of those bikers!! When he locked that door and you saw the looks on the bikers faces…priceless.

Just saw the episode tonight on HBO2. My favorite line was Tony S. to Johnny:

The mob war should be a good one!

Yes, a Bronx Tale definitely good, but lets not forget Casino, Joe Pesci was one scary fuckin maniac in that one!

The last episode of sapranos was crazy. They didnt dick around at all when they took out Adrianna. I wonder how Christopher and Sil are going to act around one another? I was surprised to hear that some people thought this was the best season. hands down season three and four were the best in my opinion.
yes I do think deadwood is a bad ass show. But I doubt they really swore that much back then. Hearing COCKSUCKER every other word is a little wierd.

Deadwood is okay, but I don’t think they said cocksucker that much either. Or fuck, fucker, fucked, fuck this, motherfucker, pussy, or cunt. They cuss so much that it loses all impact and they just sound like a bunch of tards.

But, my personal fave is when the young con couple come into town and someone says (about the girl), “now there’s an interesting piece of strange”. Puh-lease.

I keep waiting for someone to walk into the whorehouse and demand “a little stanky on the ol’ handdown.”

…that should have been “hangdown” not “handdown”.

You are hilarious! Not having HBO anymore, I have not seen Deadwood and from whats been posted if I hear they say foshizzle on it, I don’t plan on seeing it!


It is just kind of a bummer, the production value is good, the acting is decent, and the plot is okay, but some of the dialogue is soooo bad.

Anyway, apologies for hijack, Sonny.

Yeah, I’m sure a bunch of outlaw miners never uttered a dirty swear in their lives.

Goodfellas was on the same night that last episode of the Sopranos was on.