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I would like to get some educated views and opinions on this.

... also I apologise for the condensation at the beginning.


No doubt that the largest group of people who will suffer from this are the consumers.

On the case of YouTube, I can't see how people uploading 'copyrighted' music videos are really having a negative effect on record companies in terms of sales. If anything, it's promoting the music and artists.

It reminds me of PRS in the UK - they aim to license music to the point that if you have more than one person listening to music on the RADIO in an office, the company has to pay a license for it.



totally ridiculous. whats with america and its oppressive laws lately?


read that, then read the rest of the related reports


MPAA and RIAA have deep pockets - they are the ones funding this getting made into a law. And they will be ones who abuse the shit out of it too.

This will not impact the rest of the world nor stop piracy in the places that are the worst about it, and the rest of the world will end up laughing at America's broken internet.


My understanding is that America IS the internet and the most widely used sites etc are american based.

I don't want this to turn into a 'look at those stupid Americans' thread but rather I am interested in the people behind the scenes who would benefit.


As said above, most of these sites we access from abroad are all US based.

YouTube, Facebook, etc... Hell, Hulu and Netflix already don't work here due to 'copyright'.

The problem is that the US will instate these laws and then try go after all international sites breaking their ridiculous policies too.


Well the whole sell of the bill is that under the DMCA, the US copy right holders go after sites hosted in foreign countries (think Pirate Bay or other similar sites), however since they are not US based, they really have no recourse if the sites refuse to comply with the request to take down copy righted material.

So under SOPA, instead of getting the site taken down, the copy right holders want to cut off access to the site from within the US, stop google from hosting search results that point to the site, and cut off any funding from US based companies that pay them for ad hosting or payments to them (think pay pal donations).

The biggest problem is that the copy right holder only has to accuse them, and then the site has something like 48 hours to respond before action is taken. There is no burden of proof put on the accuser, and the time for the accused to respond before action is taken is too short.

Again, the RIAA and MPAA, which claim to be the biggest "victims" of online piracy are the ones funding this bill and the ones who will ultimately benefit from it.


Wow, that is terrible.

I feel like I should be pirating everything, but then again that's not going to solve anything.

You guys need to sort it out.


I agree that sites like youtube made a name for themselves by passibly allowing copy right law violation. While they are legit now, they weren't always on the good side of the RIAA and MPAA.

I think that the way SOPA is written, it has the potential to kill the next youtube or Hulu, since sites like that would get shut down before they even got legs on them.


It seems to me as this can only be a bad thing. It allows monopolization of the internet. Which would mean the consumer gets a second rate service because competition would not be allowed to flourish.

Even with pirated material as is said in the video is a good thing because then the media would have to provide a better service.

I mean who would RATHER watch a crappy pirate DVD than go and see the film at the cinema.

With fan made copyrighted material or a critique of a film/product/etc. , this helps the consumer to make an informed decision based on an unbiased source. Which in turn would help to boost sales.

This can only be a bad thing in the long run for all parties involved.

Seems like this is the beginning of the 1% taking control of the the only free media out there.


With the NDAA martial law being passed. The US is now one step away from stripping all it's citizens of all rights, constitutional and human. I am highly surprised there hasn't been a larger uprising.


fuck this shit, the doomsday is here. i knew the day that they would try to control internet, the land of the free, would come.



There's already a law like this in Spain. A "council", totally biased and hand-picked, can take down a website they consider "inappropiate" (due to its content) in less than 72 hours without opposition.

Internet is a too-good tool for freedom and stuff. It shouldn't be allowed to go free, uncensored, etc.

Just an example though :


This website is Spanish, hosted by Spanish servers and it was stopped by US law around one year ago (now it's rojadirecta.es or rojadirecta.me).
How in the world is that even possible or legal?


Anyone in the US absolutely should contact your representatives about this, it's really that important. Congress seems to be incredibly in favor of this bill somehow, enough so that even though Obama has said he'd veto it(a statement he has said before and backed off on last minute, so itself is not worth relying on), it will likely pass anyway.



TL is a gaming site, but it harbors some of the most intelligent and well researched people that I know of when it comes to this sort of thing, skimming that thread(it's long I know, but you can skip huge portions of it and scour for links and posts with real content) is an incredible way to learn about these 2 bills(PROTECT-IP, SOPA).

Will be checking in on this thread more to see if people have questions.



That's just ridiculous.


So apparently from some of the links posted in here, the government (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE and the Department of Homeland Security) has been already doing what the SOPA/Protect IP bills are going to make legal, illegally. So this is just a farce to allow them to do what they have already been doing, and probably help expand it further.

Well I just sent my senators and congressmen my 3rd or 4th note on this, not that it will do any good.






That really pisses me off. Now that the assholes that run the corporations have realised how the internet has developped they want to occupy it and dominate it like they do with the real world. I am sick of the fucking monkey war, and now it is spreading to the web? There must be a way to fight this if it pass

Fuck them and thank you Biotest for giving me tribune.