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Sooth my soul

I have been dating someone for the past two years and she has basically moved in with me…I live with five other people and we are all attending University. The other night I drank a lot and took a couple of ripped fuels, I ended up in my female housemates bed and one thing led to another (no intercourse though)…this has made for an extremely uncomfortable situation…I am pissed off at myself to the extreme and found myself everyday in the gym for about 3 hours emptying frustration. I am to the point where I am overtraining…anyone have any other way to take out frustration?..or sooth a cheaters soul?

If you’re so srious about his girl, why would you let yourself get into a situation like that? I always wonder that when I hear about someone cheating. If you really DIDN’T want to cheat on your girlfriend, you shouldn’t have gone out drinking & stuff.

Yeah. Here’s a suggestion. Stop looking for other distractions and deal with the problem like a man.

You don’t need “soothing”, you need a boot to the ass. You’ll get plenty from the guys here, I trust.

Just blame it on the Ripped Fuel.

Ok, so did your chick find out? If not, why do you care? You didn’t play hide the weenie anyway. Drax, when you drink, you don’t know the situations you will get into, and anyhow your judgement is impaired. Like anyone is going to stop drinking just because there may be a chance that they will have sex with someone. Chances are, that is why a lot of college age people drink anyhow.

Take it as a life lesson. Never let yourself go beyond a set number of drinks when you don’t have someone you absolutely trust around to keep you in check. And never mix any pills with alcohol.

is it me or are these posts becoming an epidemic lately?

You’re a fuck up! Your girl should kick you in the nuts.

That’s just silly. Why would he go out & get drunk if he risked doing it with another girl? Why do you think people say ‘…but I was drunk’ is no excuse? If was serious he wouldn’t have done that & put himself in that position.

Isn’t that like saying though “I’m not going to drive my car, because there is a chance I may get in a wreck, however so slight.” Drax you have never drank have you?

‘I was drunk’ doesn’t excuse anything. I don’t feel bad for anybody who goes out & gets pissed & then complains about being hungover or how they cheated on their serious boy/girlfriend. (& yes I’ve had a few I’d just rather spend more money on something more useful) What would any of you people think if your whoever said ‘hey I cheated on you, but I was drunk, so I’m not responsible for what happened’? You’re telling me that you’d say ‘ok then, no problem’?? & I think the chances of drunk people hooking up are a lot greater than getting hit by another car. Jayden’s girl should kick his teeth in.

I have to agree with Drax on this one. You can’t use the “I was drunk” as an excuse for anything. They did a study on people that were intoxicated and they found that they knew about everything that they did and were able to remember everything. So when people use it as an excuse, they are also “mentally” blocking stuff out so they can purposely say they can’t remember. It’s a bullshit excuse, and this guy’s girl should definitely kick him in the nuts.

Who gives a shit, they aren’t married. If they were, yes, she should get upset. And yes she should get upset now, but jesus, just move on. Being drunk isn’t an excuse, but he did not drink with the intention of hooking up with this chick. Cheating isn’t the end of the world.

Thanks…for all your input guys…however no one seemed to solve the overtraining question…I just came back from the gym after being there for 3 hours…how else can I releive frustration???

There is no way to ‘sooth’ a cheater’s soul, especially since you don’t seem all that sorry. You should be single soon, don’t worry about that.

As for the overtraining, not much to do about that if you have that much energy to work out. If you were going for 3 hours for a few weeks that's one thing, but a few days just to work off stress, what's the big deal?

So if I rob a bank while drunk…Hmmm, I like the way some of you think. Going out for a Case of Ale right now. I’m going to be rich and innocent!

…Michelle…You have no clue how I feel…I have never cheated on anyone in my life…I am 25 and have dated several women. I have always remained faithful and if I ever felt the need to be with someone else, I always ended the relationship I was in first…I’ll admit it…I screwed up big time…I’m not the type to push this matter to the back of my mind and forget about it…I FUCKED UP…NOW WHAT???,(and for the training, I have been working out for about 3 hours a day for about a week and feel like a bag of shit…I just don’t want to be in that house.)

The study about drinking and remembering things must be a crock of shit. Now, if being drunk and blowing just enough to be legally drunk, then yes, you would remember everything. But god damn, I have been drunk tons of times where I don’t remember how I got home. Don’t remember screwing my girlfriend. Don’t remember all the stupid ass stuff I do. I even had my chick tell me once that when she was drunk she didn’t remember fucking.

Ok, Jayden, I’m sorry if I misread your post. You obviously know you fucked up. The next step is telling her. There will be all sorts of guys here who say not to tell her. But, if you really care for her, can you keep a secret like that? Could you marry her knowing what you did? When you tell her, avoid the ‘I was drunk, it wasn’t my fault’ angle. You were responsible for being drunk, so you are responsible for your actions. She may demand you move, and honestly I wouldn’t blame her. Perhaps you could tell her and suggest counseling, that may take the edge off. My college had a counseling center that was free, take advantage of that while you can. Take ownership of your screwup, and you may get through this, the road will be long and hard.

Back to the ovetraining, I would imagine you are obesessing something fierce over this. That is what id driving you, and you figure (perhaps unconsciencely) that if you can exaust your body your brain will shut the hell up. I am obsessive-compulsive so I can sympathise. You need to settle your head, and that means venting this frustration the correct way... clearing the air with your girlfriend.