Sooo, about 19-nor 4 AD-EC...

Is it a “go” or “no go” based upon market feedback?

Undecided so far as I know.

I would guess it wouldn’t be done until 4-AD-EC and MAG-10 were more established, which would be at least a few more months, since 4-AD-EC was just launched. I’d recommend producing it from the standpoint of personal preference.

Bill: if i want a safe and massbuilding pro-steroid from Biotest, witch one should i try ?

19-Nor-4-AD-EC cann’t come quick enough for me! In fact, I’ll preorder today.

If you don’t mind cycling off; I’d go with the Mag-10. Mag-10 is 1-AD synergistically stacked with 4-AD-EC.

I am taking Ultimate Androstack IV now, i started yesterday, it’s sublingual tabs with 20mg 4-ad and 5mg of 19-nor-ad, i am taking 4 of those a day, will i get any results soon or do i have to increase the dosage or what ?

I don’t know of any very effective prohomone products other those that Biotest manufactures. I’d recommend addressing a post to Bill Roberts in regards to your situation and he’ll have plenty of suggestions.

I guess VPX has a product that is coming out shortly called Paradrol that is supposed to contain that.