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Soon to Finish a Coarse of M1ts

Well i did my 2 months research and finally bit the bullet so to speak, granted i was worried with every page i researched but thought id only know more by trying it for myself.I didnt take measurements but the results are noticeble and my strength has improved double (considering i started off a novice) i may take measurements if i do another cycle in a month or two

1st week- 1x 10mg a day in the morning with others (listed below),a shake or oats, (read about different times etc so tried a few days at an hour or so before gym and felt a real pump and swell on)
side affects tired and slept like a baby which helped as sleeping is an issue

second weak not as sleepy and no other issues really, slight back ache and small plumbs

(was advised do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off but didnt really notice any side affects after 2, so decided to do 4 weeks on 4 weeks off)

Third week and up till now same really,

Diet: chicken, oats, eggs scimx grow+, protein pasta,cottage cheese, brown bread,peanut butter, drinking nothing but water and min 2 liters (some days i just felt full and some days my appetite had raised so id have snack on either above. I weight all my food and check my macros etc,

Daily tablets: 1x 10mg m1t, A-Z multivitamins , 500mg cod liver oil, glucosamine sulphate 2kcl 500mg (first 2 weeks from a free sample) milk thistle 187mg


Monday, gym day: shake on wake up (not big eater) 1/2 hour after or before work out 40/80g oats with 250ml 1% fat free milk (better then with water and 2g sugar (only sugar in my whole diet and i cant handle it without just yet lol) 7 mile walk to the gym (takes an hour) 2/3 hours heavy lifting, (gym buddies been lifting 2 years and strong as an OX, so i try keep up with him till i cant lift any longer) followed by a scimx grow shake straight after and a 7 mile walk back, 40g oats and then 3 eggs and 100g cottage cheese a few hours after before bed,

Tue off, maybe a mild 3 mile walk (* sets before bed)

Wed: same as monday but 1 hours intense cardio/circuit training, 1 minute per exercise hard and intense targeting the whole body in all

Thur: gym day same as monday

Fri: off with mild walk (* sets before bed)

Sat: gym day same again

sund: off day mild walk again,(* sets before bed).

(*off days i still put in some sit ups,press ups and leg raises every night, started at 10 sit ups and 10 press ups, now hitting 50+)
Starting weight 11 stone 3. Current weight 13 stone. Big notice in muscle size and loving it

Gym improvements, hit 20 reps at 130kg dead lift and hit 65kg double tricep curls,100kg+ squats, also try lift my body weight at least but mainly focused on chests,abs,triceps etc

Im a beginner but i dont think i did to bad and i studied like a mad man, my 4 weeks ends wed 20th and i will be starting my pct then (still undecided which yet) My local store sells PCT tablets, or might try get some nolvadex instead (depends on uk delivery time).

Any feed back would be appreciated or even how i could improve my second cycle which would prob be a may time.

Few things im unclear: I still have a little tyre and im unsure if its still early or its muscle i need now not fat loss as the image shows, also eggs with york or not? as some say its not a complete protein without, but other say its cholesterol with, also my local supplement shop advised to hit 200g protein a day, but a personal trainer i know says only just over 130g as you piss the rest away. Hope i got everything down and this helps if anyone else is looking into ph use, i only suggest everyone is different. Thanks

forgot to add i also have 5mg or micronized creatine monohydrate daily

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