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I have worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in the past and was always an advocate of natural training. But I have come to the point in my life where I’m no longer progressing and have hit my plateau. I now want to take it to the next level, so the hell with the natural crap. I’m 26 5’10 195 lbs 12%bfp. That percentage was lower prior to marriage of course. My training has been consistant 5 days a week and my diet is pretty much dialed in. I want to put on about 20 additional lbs of muscle mass and lean up to about 5-6%bfp. A little added strength wouldn’t be too bad either. After reading many posts and stories from this site. I have decided to construct a 1st time 4 week cycle of Trenbolone (3000ml)and Testosterone (2800ml) based on my goals. I have the funds and I’m ready to roll, but figured I would ask a few questions 1st. When I worked in the industry, although not a user. I was aware of contacts and going rates. But have been out of the inner circle for a couple years and now I currently only have one hook. I’m getting what seems to be reasonable quotes based on my research but I would like to know what the going rate should be on the amounts listed above. I also have another concern. Although people I know personally haven’t had any problems with the his products thus far, the products never seem to have lables on them. Is that considered standard procedure to remove them? I also read about the top mex products/brands (anything imparticular stand out to the public here?) and was also wondering if that would be a better avenue to take to ensure quality. I live in CA but the 14 hour drive would be a bit much with my family and all. So what are the suggestions in regards to mail order and does anyone know of any legit websites or businessmen. I’ve come across a few but those too are a tad bit sketchy, once again I do realize there may be risk involved. Any suggestions from avg. cost. Also any suggestions at all addressing this post are welcome. Thanks! eorme

as far as your cycle goes i think you will be short of your goals on a 4 week cycle. run it 8 weeks and tell us precisely your dosages. you gave totals but break it down to daily or weekly mg’s. also study and include ancillaries such as arimadex, or nolvadex, and clomid. lastly, you wont get much help with a source probably. we guard them closely to ourselves and you are a newbie who hasnt established himself as trustworthy. make some friends and spend a little time. the good sources will come in time. if you want i can give you a legit website of a well known source who advertises publicly, so i ont mind. but they are very expensive.

14 hour drive? where in cali do you live?

Thanks for the info on cycle length. You’re not the 1st to say that, so I might just do that. The website would be of interest to me. If nothing more to at least have another line of information. I live near the Sacramento area

It’s actually about a 9.5 hour drive. But I never drive straight through non-stop. Hence my reasoning for a 14 hour drive.

The Trenbolone part of you cycle is easy. Just but the finaplex pellets and a conversion kit, They are cheap and pretty easy to get…P-22

i live near sacramento also. i dont know if you guys are driving model-T fords or what. but modesto to tj is a 7 hour drive tops. provided you drive at night to avoid l.a. traffic.

I know of an individual that lives in the Sac area that may be able to help you out but I would have to speak with him first. I too live in CA and live only 2 hrs from the border. I used to be “In the game” but got busted on the Mexican side so I quite.

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I’d believe that if (during the campaign) the women were complaining of being dry-humped rather than groped

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