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Sony Playstation 3 as a Blu Ray Player?


I was wondering if any of the T-Nation tech geeks (proud to admit I am one of them) has any knowledge of the Sony Playstation 3's abilities as a Blu Ray Player? I know its great for gaming, but I am in the market for a good Blu Ray player and I have read some mixed reviews about Playstation 3. Any information, opinion, or advice is greatly appreciated.



Dude, I was about to make a thread just like this. I don't want to throw the money down for one until I understand what it is capable of and what I need to order to make it most efficient. That hard drive question for the X-Box has me wondering if the PS3 has similar issues.


I don't have a PS3, but a few friends do and use them as Bluray players all the time with no issues - what mixed reviews have you heard?


I have a PS3 and I like it as a Blue Ray player. I like that unlike the XBox you don't HAVE to buy a remote for it to play movies. I also love the fact that it has wireless internet for internet play.


The X-box isn't wireless for internet?

How easy is it to hook up to the internet from it?


The XBOX360 I believe you have to buy some extra adapters to hook up wirelessly.

The PS3 is a nice easy step by step process which took me maybe 10 minutes to do. It didn't work with the password protection I had on my wireless but that's more my cable companies fault as it's some goofed up password system. I just took off the password protection and it worked great.

My password protection on my internet, you have to download a program onto your computer in order for it to work. You can not just type in the correct password, oh and go figure the program isn't Vista compatible.


Thanx X, I am glad to see I am not the only one here who thinks like this. After some reading online, it would seem that the Xbox has an advantage over PS3, but this will ultimately come down to personal experience and opinion. Take a look..


I am still leaning towards PS3 for now, until I gather more info and opinions.


That article is too old to go by. First off best of luck trying to find a 360 that's $299 as that's the really watered down version.

Second the price for PS3 is now $399 for the 40GB version and I believe they may be making the 80GB version the same price now (I couldn't find anything higher than 40 when I bought mine).

Third and final, the PS3 plays Blue Ray the 360 does not. That's huge since they did away with HD DVD (which was an extra $200 bucks on 360) and all that's left is Blue Ray.

I had 360 when it first came out and the only advantage I see is it had a larger game selection.

Graphics, number of times it crashes (less on PS3 IMO), internet connection, and Blue Ray, all go to PS3 over 360 if you ask me.

Plus you don't have to keep buying these stupid ass add ons like 360 if you want to watch a movie, if you want wireless internet, ect, ect, ect.

The weight of the PS3 controller is like 1/2 of the XBOX which isn't anything huge, but nice.

Yes, I am a nerd at times haha.


I'm sold, but do I need to worry about the 80GB version of the PS3? What's the difference?


I just looked it up and it the only difference between the 40 and 80GB is the storage space. The 80GB is coming out in Sep of this year.

Only the 20 and 60GB versions can play PS2 games if that matters to you. Personally, I could care less if it played PS2 games as the graphics suck compared to the new ones.

I would RENT not buy the following games:
Call of Duty 4
Assassins Creed


Tine Shift and GTA4 are both solid games.


I don't own a PS3 but I have read some reviews about the different options for playing Blu Ray. From what I have read the PS3 is a good option because it can play profile 2.0 discs and it supports all of the sound options available. Since it is from Sony and has more hardware than most stand alones some people believe it is more future proof. I have not paid much attention to picture quality in the reviews.

I went the HTPC (home theater PC) route and wouldn't recommend it. At the time I wanted to have a system that could also play HD DVDs and my old PC had died. If my computer had survived a couple more months I would probably own a PS3.



When you say storage space, what is it I am storing? They don't use memory cards?


I use my PS3 almost exlusively as a blu-ray player. Because of the PS3 updates, it is blu-ray 2.0 compliant and I believe one of the latest updates has improved the upscaling ability of standard DVDs significantly.

The PS3 is also a very quiet machine and it just looks nice. I have a 360 Elite and that makes an amazing amount of noise. Most of the time, you can't even tell my PS3 is turned on.

The quality is very good and I've been very happy with the purchase.


I have one, watched a few blu-ray movies on it and thought it worked great, no complaints. I don't know specifically how it compares to other blu-ray players but i'd assume it's comparable.

Also, they are coming out with the ability to download movies on it via Netflix or something (the 360 has or will have this as well) - I don't know how hi-def these movies will be. But if you're going to do this then obviously the larger Hard Drive space is important. If you're not gonna download a ton of crap then all you need HD space for is installation of games, which 40gb should be more than enough for.

You DO need an HDMI cable with the PS3 to get the full benifit of blu-ray definition (not a big deal, just don't buy it from best buy), and of course a TV that supports such high resolution.


I was told the "elite" series of the 360 doesnt have hard drive issues. I'm not sure of that whatsoever - but I have had my 360 elite for a year and it's been great.

That being said, I'd rather have a PS3, it was just their gaming library was always shit in comparison (from a pure number of titles available perspective)


What is an HDMI cable and why shouldn't I buy one from Best Buy?


Oh yeah, forgot to mention this, no matter what your PS3 can always be up to date with the new blu-ray standards - with other players you might have to worry about your player getting out of date with the standards, but that should not be a problem at all with the PS3 since you can always download firmware updates.


I went with the 40GB model. I'm just a casual gamer and I've barely made a dent in the hard drive space even with downloading lots of demos. It does use the HD for saved games and it will install files from new games to the HD so that certain things will run faster when actually playing the game.


you should get whatever one is cheapest, there is no degredation in hdmi cables possible, it's pass/fail, go with the cheapest

sorry, i fail at quoting today, this is in response to prof's hdmi question


Well it seems like every stupid game I buy has a new package I need to download so I assume that's what's going on the storage space. Every game also uses the auto save so you are correct in that you use the space to save your game progress. I only play on the weekends as well so the 40GB is more than enough space for me.

Even a brand new game like Call od Duty 4 only needs 120MG worth of space so I'll be set with the 40GB. I mean if you want to wait I believe Sony said that the 80GB will be priced the same as the 40 when it arrives so it would be a better buy. Haha I just didn't want to wait any longer. I waited until that whole Blue Ray verse HD DVD was settled first to buy so good enough in my book.