Sony Play Station 4?

Admitedly I’m not a game guy, in fact the only reason I have a PS3 is because I love Batman and the wife got me one with the original Batman game way back when.

Anyway, my son was playing around with a friend’s PS4 and a Marvel Superhero Lego game and was loving it. THat, and the new Spiderman game looking so damn cool has me thinking of picking up a console. There seem to be different models though,…

Anyone feel like explaining to this old man what to buy? -lol


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I haven’t had a gaming console in a long time but Red Dead Redemption 2 has me thinking about buying one of the new ones.

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The newest and most expensive version is the PS4 Pro. In a nut shell, it’s a bit more powerful and offers true 4K gaming. If you have a really nice TV or monitor that can play true 4K and you care about having the absolute best graphics possible then the Pro makes sense.

Otherwise, the standard PS4 (what I have) is just fine.

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Yaaaaa, will be getting RD II, it looks really good. Rockstar paid so much attention to detail that, from what I’ve read, the horse uh testies will actually change size based on weather conditions…

That’s dedication right there.


Get a regular PS4. You can get the pro, yada yada, but they’ll release the PS5 in a few years and you’ll be getting that to keep up, so save yourself the money now, and get a PS4.

Or get an N64 and force him to play Goldeneye for hours on end.


So Arkham City is clearly the best batman game right. PS4 has Arkham Knight (the new batman game) that you probably haven’t played, it’s good but the boss batles suck, granted I stopped playing games a while ago I’m just reminiscing because the batman arkham games were some of my favorite. On the PS3 there’s batman arkham origins, arkham asylum and arkham city, if you want to play in order (by timeline, not game release date) go

  • Arkham Origins
  • Arkham asylum
  • Arkham City
  • Arkham knight (ps4)
  • Arkham VR (PSVR)

Spiderman PS4 was the game that got me into taking a few days off school work during my holidays to play through it, it’s a very good game, amazing character development, storyline, gameplay, it’s engaging from every level, however if you start playing it you’ll waste a lot of time playing it, as that’s what video games are, a good escape from the shit hole that is reality but an absolute waste of time that encourages no productivity whatsoever. I don’t know how old your son is but Arkham Knight was suprisingly very dark, if he’s under say ten or so it could probs give him nightmares.

Go for the regular PS4, not the pro, in a few years like @flappinit said a PS5 will be out at the same price but with stronger specs. Also try a game called the last of us, it’s very good, extremely, EXTREMELY depressing, but excellent story, probably my favorite game of all time other than Red Dead Redemption.

EDIT: On the PS4 there’s now a remastered version of arkham asylum and city, graphics are significantly improved

I mean props for them putting in detail however if they could’ve taken out the horse testicles and released the game a bit earlier (more on time) that’d be great, I mean, no issue with the testis stuff but if they delayed the game to add in ballsacks that’d be really annoying lol

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Second this. Also the Uncharted series. Naughty Dog games rule.


Can you imagine being the intern that got sacked for lackluster ball retraction?

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I will wait forever for that game.

Yeah, I’ve seen all the videos and commercials as New games , specifically Batman one’s have come out. It was the original one (2012 was when I remember playing it. My buddy who isn’t. Huge gamer kept buying me games the next few years as gifts, but I think I just have about 10-15 PS3 titles still in plastic wrap.

I guess it took Having a kid and a recent reinterest In games to pique my curiosity again.


well if you ever have 12 hours to waste check out Arkham City (the first one was arkham asylum, however the first one in the batman timeline was origins) arkham city is the best one by far, both arkham city and knight are massive step ups with regards to combat and gameplay due to higher budgets, but arkham knight has the greatest combat and side missions. Check those 10-15 games, if you’ve got “fallout 3, fallout new vegas, the last of us” you should play them, however I’ve never seen an adult play video games, not to say you shouldn’t just saying I’ve never seen it, none of my family plays video games other than my sibling, whom I am not specifying age or gender due to privacy concerns, i’m sure adults do play some of these games as some (like FO3, the last of us and FNV) seem adult orientated, as in kids probably wouldn’t understand the deeper implications/ messagers and/ or just shouldn’t be playing them.