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Sons of Anarchy: Season 2

I missed all of Season 1, but I like what I’m seeing from Season 2.

Now you’re talking about a good TV show.

[quote]Big_Boss wrote:
Now you’re talking about a good TV show.[/quote]

Damn skippy. And my avatar is dope, too.

SOA season 1 just came out on dvd. This season is looking to be as good as the first one.

SOA is an awesome show, you should see if you can find the first season on DVD or something, it was worth a watch.

I wondered what i would watch once the sopranos and the shield ran their course then SOA came along.

I was hooked after the first episode of season 2. Luckily the Target by my house had one copy of season 1 left on the shelf, which I watched in two days.

i like the show as well…could do without some of the corny referneces like talking about the big guys fat boy like its a dinosaur, crap it could not be older than 1990 and most biker clubs don’t ride anything near that new, or for that matter store bought period. So its a little bit silly sometimes but still a good show in all.

not to mention no self respecting biker is going to be riding a gay little dyna with a sport windshield.

I like it. There are some make it look good for TV stuff, but the guys who ride I know like it.

Actually, yes…the sport windsheilds are what a lot of riders use that “actually ride” in sand, dusty conditions…as far as what MC rides what year…type just depends on the age of the one’s you are looking at. Older Vets stick to shovels and pans but overall they ride “ALL” years of scoot…as far as the “don’t ride store bought” …um where else do you buy a Harley?

Last I heard HD does not ship out do it yourself assembly kits…MC’s rarely ride pure custom rides.(ground up originals). Most people that watch that show and judge, who,what or how MC’s work don’t know much about them.

not wanting to start an internet argument but most of the guys i know in indy (primarily sons and outlaws) pieced together most of their bikes from swap meets. but as you pointed out these are mostly older guys that i talk to. i don’t know any that bought their bike off of a showroom floor. Interesting point on the dusty conditions thing though, not much of that in Indiana so i spoke out of ignorance on that.

Same here mostly Outlaws and Sin City D’s locally, same kinda deal just depends on the age of the dude that owns the bike you look at…with the older ones the 90-96 model evo’s are the biggest percentage. Dyna’s are a very under-rated model, the Dyna Wide glide up until that metric lookin honda exhaust copy they release this year …were always a classic.

I ran a wide glide front end on my 92’ softail ( in my avitar ). On the show however, it was kinda lame the way they made the fatboy smoke, cough and wheeze…like someone would actually try to long run on a half assed scoot…also, one thing I could not figure out…what the hell was he supposed to be fiddlin with on the left side of the tank where the “horn” cover is???

Unless he was tryin to shut off the fuel, which again “stupid” makes no sense…a seasoned rider would just pull the clutch in / hit the kill switch if the throttle goes pure fucktard on ya…but then again…it’s TV

yeah thats kinda what i meant by corny shit but as far as TV goes its a pretty cool show ; ride on brother

This show is awesome, but it really needs to be on HBO. FX does a great job for cable though.