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Sons of Anarchy is Back


Alright who's watching? I don't think I could have asked for a better start to the season.


< Fan of SoA.

you're right, good start, and this promises to be a good season. I miss the Porn studio, tho~

I live right where the fictional town of Charming is, somewheres between Stockton and Modesto.

I adds a little hometown feel for me~


I love SOA. This season started off great. I hope that it keeps on the pace that it is now cause it looks like its going to be a really good season.


This show is full of win.


I hear Juice will be locked up in the next episode...


I was wondering how he was going to get out of stealing that blow -

awesome sequence -

don't ya'all think that the club would change the rules for his heritage?


Just got onto it this season. It is outstanding especially that smart ass assistant US district atty Potter. He's out there.

EDIT- I would still so do Peggy Bundy!


you need to check out the previous seasons - it'll give you a basis as to why the club is having issues.

and you'll get to see how crazy Tig really is.

AND - def do Gemma~ in the ass, repeatedly, while slapping her in the back of her head and calling her my own little cumslut.

but that's just me~


^Yeah, need to get the earlier seasons to catch up.

I like how you would work Gemma.


He didn't get out of shit. He got lucky and fucked up a brother's rep in the process.

And I doubt they will. If it were an ordinary situation, they may have relaxed the rules and shown him some leniency since they accept Latinos and Hispanics and have the Grim Bastards as a brother club; but he fucked himself by not coming forward as soon as Sheriff Roosevelt tried to put the screws to him.

That makes any argument he could have had based on past loyalty to the club a moot point. Him keeping his mouth shut allowed the Sheriff to put the squeeze on him and he can't bring up his heritage without that coming out. And if and when it does, Neither the Sheriff nor Potter are going to hold anything back just to screw him.


The Juice/race angle makes no sense. It's like Kurt Sutter wasn't satisfied with the amount of conflicts going on, pulled a random idea out of a hat, said "fuck it", and ran with it.

Other than that, I'm really enjoying the season.


My guess is Clay is dead by the end of the season. With him putting a hit on Jaxs OL, this last episode was the best of this season.
And juice ain't outta of it yet, he still has the cops coming after him. lewhitehurst is right he got lucky but he only dug a deeper hole for himself.


I really like SOA, but the whole race thing does seem IDK, a little forced. I know certain gangs don't allow certain races but being black myself, it makes me kinda torn watching the show. I love the show, but all the negative attention on the SONS disliking blacks doesn't sit quite right with me. I mean it's a show that glorifies a Biker gang that has predijuce against blacks...I'm like, ok, why am I watching this again? Then I see all the hotties on the show and keep watching....lol.

Doesn't matter tho. I'll still watch every week.


Having grown up with guys whose dads were in MCs and having dated more than a few biker chicks (one of my exes was even raised by her uncle who was the Pres of an HA chapter) it's not that they are necessarily racist, it's just the rules. There are some racists in every organization, but that's no different than life. Hells Angels do dirt with white supremacists to make money, but they will party with black clubs like the Chosen Few or the Dragons out in Oakland and they have done that going back to the 50s. Hell, the Pagans at one point were looking to patch in the Philly chapter of the Wheels of Soul, if memory serves me correctly. Most people outside the culture make certain assumptions based upon their own POV.


I disagree. I like the Race angle and I think it would still be an issue in a club today. One of the SOA guys said it best: If we start changing one rule, what are else are we gonna change?


I look at it like this. Grim Bastards, the Niners, SOA, and the Mayans only work with each other so they can get money. Black hates white, white hates black, but everyone loves green.

I can't think of another program that have characters that look SOA, talk like SOA, or as real as SOA.

The racism bit doesn't bother me too much. The killing doesn't bother me either. The heinous crimes they commit doesn't bother me. They're a biker gang. I expect them to be foul human beings. If I wanted some cookie cutter garbage, I'd watch True Blood or Glee.


Waiting for that Grim Bastards spin off on BET.


The problem is this hasn't been an issue within the club until this season. If SOA had to deal with racial rules within their ranks in a prior season, say revoking a charter for allowing black members, then the Juice angle would have significance.


He's far from out of it. Did you not notice the look chibs gave him? Chibs has some suspicions and it will def lead to more down that storyline


Oh and I can def see some MAJOR blowback with clay's hit on Tara. If watching this show teaches one thing its that nothing ever stays hidden forever. His plan will surface at some point and Jax will find out


Got to disagree. In real life, issues pop up when they pop up not when it's convenient for you. And if their rules said no blacks, creating an issue where a chapter's charter got revoked (to cite your example) is less genuine and a lot more overblown than necessary. Everything in life doesn't necessarily have a reason. Sometimes, shit just happens.

Edit: And the real issue isn't race. It's trust and honor within the club. What you are starting to see is who's really in it for the club and who's in it for themselves and how their motivations influence their decisions.