Son's First Meet

Jr. did a 220 squat opener, missed 245 on a second. He made it on a third. This was a raw 132 lb 16/17 year old. Just missed a 265 , double bodyweight squat for another record. Next time maybe.

Hit 155. Lbs on his last bench attempt. Onto the deadlifts. It’s his best lift. Hoping for 360. If that goes well he’ll try 390 on a fourth. Jus second and thirds attempts are federation records for 132 ,16/17 in the raw division in the IPA.

Good for him! I wish I’d started training younger. It sounds like he has a great career ahead of him…

That’s awesome. Tell him to keep up the good work and hope he gets the record for DL.

Thanks gyHe’s having s great time. The videos are up on YouTube at irondoc1963. I’ll write a longer post at home. Posting from the I phone is tougher.

[quote]LiquidMercury wrote:
That’s awesome. Tell him to keep up the good work and hope he gets the record for DL.[/quote]

His second attempt will be the federation record. He just wants to get close 3x bodyweight and top 100 plusa in the deadlift. Last 132 listing had 400 as the last 5-10 lifts in the top 100.

Good stuff, Tom. Sounds like a good day for your boy.

Yep, something tells me he’s going to pull big. He’s ready and he’s confident. It’s his strongest lift.

Smoked 325 on his opening deadlift. Going to 360 on his second.

Smoked 360 for a pr, going for four hundred and top 100 plusa. First 2 are up on YouTube now.

Missed 400 twice . Not to far off though. Think he would have made 380, nut hr set the federation record and took 400 for a ride.

He did as well as I could expect. We were thinking of a 375 final attempt, buy 360 was do easy he gave it a try.

Tell your son awesome work. He can hit some more PRs at his next meet and get his name into PLUSA. :slight_smile:

I’ll tell him, thanks!

Congratulations… now tell him to get his butt back in the gym and get after that record. :slight_smile:

To will start back up on Saturday. He’s doing 5 3 1 and will base his next training cycle from his meet. I told him to use 370 for a deadlift. 360 was just so easy. I think 380 was in the bag. 400 was just to heavy.

He wants double a bodyweight squat and a little more on his bench and 400. I don’t know if he’ll be able to stay at 132 long enough, but maybe. He’ll be wrestling around 130, so that might help him some. Of course, wrestling might take away from the lifting.