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Songs You Want At the Gym


I been here for a month now but they seem to love their Techno Tronic (90s Dance music) and 80s new Wave. Nothing wrong with that but thats something I would want to dance witha nd pick up girls at the club,not trying to bring out my aggression.

If they played the Misfits,Sex Pistols,Black Flag,and CKY then I proablly wouldnt leave so early. Nothing brings out aggressiveness quite like Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal. Anyway,what do they play in your gym and what do you want at your gym.


play- avril laving
everything preppy

want played- anything metal,

whenever a heavier song comes on they change the station.


They play the sort of dance music that requires heavy medication to enjoy.

To be honest, I'd rather they play nothing. In between the metros and the old women at my gym I'm sure my cd collection would go down like a fart in a lift.


My gym plays "Sirius Hits One". It sucks donkey dick big time.

I'd settle for plain rock and roll.


"Sirus hits one",The the hell is that? Do any of you guys go to the hardcore gyms? My gym used to be like that.Last I heard but now they seemed to get rid of the bodybuildres or "meatheads" as the new owner tells me and made it more "Familt Friendly" The good news is that alot of kids from my highschool and neighboring highschools signed up and can request some more sons. Bad news is its most likely going to be (C)Rap music. (Im talking about "Lil Wayne" not some badass Eazy-E or Public Enemy)


Ipod for the win?


Top 40 satellite radio station. (Sirius Radio)


Hey,thats a great idea. Let me go to my backyard and pick the money off the branches. =D


Yeah my gym plays so many different varieties of music its crazy. Sometimes good, sometimes VERY VERY bad.

Once I was there while they were hosting a rehab session for seniors. That was so painful, having to listen to songs like 'Stand by Me'.

Actually now that I think about it, the music is really bad. I'd take trance over the James Blunt I have heard (no really I'm serious) at my gym.

Its good tho cos no ever really touches the power rack there :slight_smile:


I really don;t mind the music my gym (YMCA) plays, it's just not GYM music. Know what I mean? It's not music I really hate, it's just not the kind of music I wanna lift to.


I walked into mine the other day, ready for a kick-ass squat session. I got into the room and some cardio-gal was playing this shit, it can be most closely likened to fucking circus music. Geez.

Imagine jumping onto your bed with a raging hard-on and a giggly, jiggly girl, only for your mom to walk in for a surprise visit as the girl's pulling down your pants. Unbelievable.


They don't play any music at my gym, and I don't have an Ipod, so any decent music would be a start. Maybe top 40 in the cardio room and hard rock/heavy metal/rap in the free weights room.

It doesn't bother me that there is no music, I just go in to the gym and do my thing and head out, so it works out good for me, but I know there have been a lot of complaints about no music in the gym.


Buy a used one?


Gym music ALWAYS sucks unless it is hard rock/metal played at full fucking volume. My gym plays hard rock but it's so damn quiet it's not even worth it. Suck it up and buy an mp3 player for $50 and quit bitching.


I'd use an i-pod, but I hate earphones/buds and having something strapped on me while I workout. I can't get used to it.


Killswitch Engage. The "Alive or Just Breathing" album, anything by Children of Bodom and anything by Lamb of god.


My gym plays some shitty "rock" satellite radio station. They mix it up on the station once in a while with a nice acoustic track, always sure to get the adrenaline going.

They USED to play Disturbed, Rob Zombie, Powerman5000, heavier stuff like that. It always got me pumped up. "When worlds collide" ALWAYS helped me lift more.