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Songs You PR To

What are some songs you guys PR to? Most recently I’ve Been listening to get up by all good things.

Minerva by Deftones
Vicarious by Tool
Suicide Note Pt 1 by Pantera (actually the whole Great Southern Trendkill album is gold to me for a PR)
Hustlin by Rick Ross
Into the Void by Black Sabbath
Aenima by Tool
Redneck and Now You’ve Got Something to Die For by Lamb of God

I find that I do better lately with the more emotionally charged songs (Deftones and Tool) but I’m conditioned to respond to Pantera and Lamb of God too.

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I don’t really listen to what I consider to be “powerlifter music.” I am a powerlifter, but most other guys I’ve talked to seem to listen to death metal and other forms of hardcore rock music. I’ve never been a fan of that. My training playlist changes every 3-4 months, but lately I’ve been crushing rep PRs with:

Put On by Young Jeezy
Right Round by Flo Rida
Hells Bells by AC/DC

Kind of a weird mix. I like old(ish) music. I haven’t heard a song on the radio that would get me pumped up in…ever. New music is not good gym music, period. Just my opinion

I got it - Rick Ross
Go Hard- Kanye West
I’m Ready - Dipset

Early Beyonce for squats

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Recent played from my music app:


Yes Lil Dicky! Haha awesome lyrical rapper

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I’m way to lazy to volunteer…and I’m on my work laptop.

But if someone would make all the above listed songs in a Spotify playlist and shared it, That’d be pretty cool…



Pretty much Rammstein anything.


Brock Lesnar’s theme gets me going.

Some days Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb can put me in the right frame of mind.

I think I hit my last deadlift PR to the radio broadcaster who was discussing the celebrity gossip. Otherwise, Rob Bailey typically makes me want to run through walls…in a good way.

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Anything by Hillsong United.

Gojira, Embrace the World from The Link

Gojira, Vacuity from The Way of All Flesh

Meshuggah, Combustion from Obzen

Fear Factory, Zero Signal from Demanufacture

Neurotech, Nonexistant from Antagonist

God Module, The Source

Okay, I’m not normally into aggrotech dance music, but this particular song seems to do it for me.

Enslaved, The Beacon from Axioma Ethica Odini

NIN, The Hand That Feeds from With Teeth

Youth Code, Avengement from Commitment to Complications

Youth Code, Commitment to Complications from Commitment to Complications

Dont need music to focus.

I’m the same, I train in my basement and never play music. I find it distracting more than anything.

I used to train in a shitty commercial gym, I was doing bodybuilding-style training back then. We had no control over the music and it was usually the local pop station. If that’s not bad enough, at Christmas time they used to play Christmas music. Imagine trying to get psyched up for a big lift listening to “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”!

I actually learned to block out the music somehow. It’s like I didn’t hear it at all.

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I listen to music by when I’m hitting a lift I don’t hear it. Music is for before and inbetween lifts

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Agreed. I don’t hear it much during most sets of shit. I do listen to Amon Amarth, Boris theBlade, Thy Art, Oceania, etc. mostly metal core or death core and hip hop on he way to the gym and in between sets. I use Bluetooth headphones and since I focus more on ohp, cleans and front squats, I can’t have them on during those. Also, @brady888 thank you for actually listening to Flatbush and Bronson. Have you ever head Action Bronson’s mixtape with Smoke DZA called Big, Bad & Dangerous? Probably in my top 5 for sure.