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Songs To Lift To


Kinda getting bored of my songs, i generally listen to rock,metal or dubstep, rap, or songs with a good bass drop. Any good song suggestions ?



Cheers those are some good oldies!


Next Big Thing (Brock Lesnar Theme from WWE) always gets me going.


https://youtu.be/t4kkzsRJObE @hugh_gilly i absolutely love this song




For new old stuff, I basically listened to this on a loop for a solid month after it was released a few months back



Thumbs up for Clutch. Own all their work.


That’s the first Clutch song I can remember hearing. It still gets me hype.



Love it lol!


Every single workout starts with this… If that doesn’t get me pumped up then I’m clearly too tired to workout.


Or just all of CuabnLinx and/or Ironman or just about any of the solo albums released between Enter the 36 Chambers and Forever…


Do the young dudes of today like that Grimey kung fu ganster style?


This guy used to really hype me up when I first heard him, think I’ve heard his songs too much now though. He definitely lifts. See what you think.

Skip in about a minute in on that first one, there’s a really annoying DJ at the start.


This reminds me a lot of the newer linkin park stuff, especially a thousand suns, are you a fan of them?


I listened to them back in High School, but haven’t heard their new stuff.

Edit: I did like that single Chester cut with StP, but now that Scot Weiland is dead it became tragically ironic.


new 'Tallica album has 2 or 3 songs that are best thing theyve done for 20+ years IMO and all of it pretty solid

Just discovered this band, great 80s good time rawk…


Manson is my shit!
Not many enjoy him, sadly.