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Songs That Got It Wrong


So, I'm driving home from leg session at gym. Zoned out driving and I notice that Sammy Hagar has come on the radio.

"There's only one way... there's only one way.. to ROCK!"

I start thinking to myself "BULLSHIT!" Even when that song was written, there was more than one way to rock. Fucking Sammy got it wrong. The whole "anthem" is WRONG!

Either that or he's lying outright.

Anyway, ever hear a song and think, naw, man, that ain't right! It ain't like that!

Post. Any genre, rock, rap, jazz, whatever.

Offending song:


Ummmm, we built this city on rock and roll. No Starship, you fucking didn't. It was built on a solid plan, semi-skilled labor and money allocated for infrastructure. That's how the song should go.

"We built this city"

"We built this city"

"We built this city on solid plans for sanitation, transportation, housing and utilities-s-s-s-s-s-s-"


This could get ugly Steely lol. Please let the new Van Halen record be good, it will be proof god loves us.

This to me was horrendously oderus.


In general I don't like violins and woodwinds in my metal.



Exactly the type of response(s) I was looking for!!


"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" by Meatloaf.

Actually, Mr. Loaf, it is pretty bad. 66.6%, by my calculations. Way to set the bar low. There are a lot of people who settled for "two out of three" in life who are currently stuffing buns with sliced roast beef at Arby's.


I'm sure woodpeckers do not come from Mars...pretty sure.


Ha, good one. Awesome song though. They compensate for the misleading title by not saying a word in the song.


Maybe he had powerlifters in mind when writing this. In which case, two out three is, indeed, not bad.


Possible, but we are talking about Meatloaf here. I'm thinking maybe he went in for a triple heart bypass, but only had to go through with the double?


Yeah, more likely.


And I'm thinking if he had the surgery it was done by a real doctor not one of these...


Haha! Damnation, dude you're funny


Spirit in the Sky says:

Gotta have a friend in Jesus
So you know that when you die
He's gonna recommend you
To the spirit in the sky.

Now I think that's just wrong! You follow Jesus just so he can get you into Heaven??? Why not because you agree with his teachings? Him and his dad can smell this sort of trickery a mile away I'll bet.


Oh come on now, what is this, a college application?




Alanis..(shudderz) it's not Ironic you dumb shit, you just have an awful life. It's like ten thousand moans when all I need is a blowie.


Any gospel song.

Crom would kick Jesus' ass. STFU.


Really Violins and the like are the most metal look how Wagner used a double bass and violins and started using the trinote wich is what metal is all about. Now if you said it was because Until it Sleeps sucks and the Metallica went from badasses to having friends haircuts I would agree


"No Means No" by Ricky J.

Like I tell my brahs before clubbin' it up: Fifty no's and a yes is still a yes.

And saying nothing at all (whaddya know, it DID taste like roofies!)? Check the dictionary under 'implied consent', and you'll see that bitches (O) face.


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