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Song MashUps


for those people with the exotic taste of song mashups.


I liked this one from the Rundown, when the Rock is kicking ass.

The actual scene


HM I think Lenon just spun around in his grave.


2 Words:

Girl Talk.


That is actually my favorite scene in the whole movie.

"You should've taken Option A."


Linkin Park & Jay-Z - Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer


This guy's great. There's something insanely fun about hearing a shitload of songs you recognize, some recent, some older, put together in a way that fits just enough that it doesn't seem forced.



this one always kicked ass



This one goes so fucking hard. Holla if ya' here me.



HYPEM.com is great for finding money mash-ups.


Or saw his true artistic dream come to fruition.


Collision Course was the best mash-up album of all time. OF ALL TIME!