Song Help!

This has been bugging me for days. I saw a commercial years back for some shitty “as seen on tv” mix tape of rock. I don’t know any lyrics to the song or the title itself but I have a few key elements from the video;

The setting is outside, the camera is roaming around, the front man has a white t-shirt with some sort of print on it (no idea what) the front man also has long brown/black straight hair. And it begins to rain in the video.

To be honest I can’t even remember if i like that song, but for the sake of my sanity i beg you, tell me what it is. If you can. Thanks.

still nothing?! Am i destined to be insane?

Hmmm Hmmm Him

[quote]mazevedo wrote:

AL is my hero! but for the love of god tell me what my song was…


epic - faith no more

:Sniffle: I always cry at happy endings.

You should have said, "the video where the out of water gold fish flopped around in the end. " Now I’d be impressed if you could tell me who originally voiced the character Jazz (w/o looking it up ) .