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Heard a song last week on the radio but for the life of me I can't remember the name or the group or really any of the lyrics. The best I can do is that it was about superman or superhuman (something along those lines) and there was a male singer as well a female singer that sounded like the chick from flyleaf but I'm not sure. Sorry that is vague as hell but any help would be nice.


What style of music was it? Was it new? What radio station? Can help you but need more info.


hero -skillet


"Spellbound" by Halestorm? (just grasping @ straws here)


Not Halestorm, Lacuna Coil


Just off the top of my head.....


Yes.com type in station and time to see songs played


superhuman - chrisbrown ft rihanna?


Linnrose, that isn't the song, though I like it. It had a similar feel to it. A back and forth between the male and female singers. It was on 101.1 FM KUFO portland. I can't find that station on yes.com. I found something similar on their site but it only went back a week and I was about a day late. The style is rockish. It sounded like it could have easily been a song from flyleaf (but it wasn't I checked that already).


OH!!!! Dreads wins! Thank you so much!


no problem.....Dreads always wins