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Son Using Steroids


My 19 year old knows-everything son told me Saturday (four days ago) that he was thinking about using steroids. Said he "knew a guy at the gym". I told him "DON'T DO IT!!", that he could get big naturally, even offered to buy him creatine and whey protein, blah, blah. No go. He has a plan he says.

SO he sends me a pic Tuesday of his back. I can already see growth; his triceps are bigger, but of course, I don't tell him that because he'll get all jazzed and think it's a good thing. Instead, I send him two articles about the dangers/side effects of steroid use.

What I get today is this email: "I was 179.8 when you saw me. I'm now 187.4 FUCKING MAGIC"

Eight pound gain in four days and he's cursing in caps no less.

I'm close to calling police to search his home. In Texas, they prosecute for possession of 'roids. I just want him to stop. I don't want his heart to explode. I don't want bad to happen to him. WHAT DO I DO?

Thanks for any help. Oh and he takes ZOLOFT for depression--that could be a lethal mix. Frig!


those are some big gains in short time. maybe if his pecker stops working he'll think twice. nothing worse than being 19 and you can't get it up with a hot chick who's ready for action.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


He will lose it all after the cycle..should go well with his depression. But seriously, if you care about his health you're better off learning and being a source of guidance. Son seems pretty dumb so I doubt he will listen..doesn't seem to respect your opinion.

Life is hard..it's harder when you are stupid -John Wayne


Well hes your son you can always cut him off, I doubt he is self sufficient at 19, and as long as he requires support concessions must be made, although it does attest to yalls relationship that he told you outright rather than keep it secret.

Chances are he will be just fine IF the proper precautions are taken. He just likely has little training/diet experience which is what drives many kids to do this stuff, and his training philosophy will suffer for it. If you want to make sure he is safe, make sure he takes the proper ancillieries, he needs an AI and a SERM and preferably hcg as well. If he does not know what these are, he needs to research them and if his 'guy' can't provide these things, then a cycle is unwise.

Do not report him to the police, Texas is not kind on drugs, a single charge and he will be ineligible for any financial assistance if he is or is planning on college.

He will probably develop a liking to it, everyone does. Nothing like a boost of testosterone to make you feel awesome, especially if previously depressed, coming off will not be fun.


PS send him here, he will either receive advice on his proposed cycle or be lampooned and hopefully discouraged.


I pray that I never have that kind of relationship with my son, that he would willing tell me he is going to take steroids wtf.

And you want him to stop so bad that you are willing to call the cops which will fuck his life up, did you not think that through? Besides he is 19 let him do what he wants assuming he is not supported by you ofc.


Nice first post.

I suggest you do a cycle with him and be workout buddies. When you both reach maximum swollness you can enjoy a pleasant hooker sandwich together.

Nothing like bonding time.


I don't know what your relationship with your son is like, or how close you live to him, etc etc, but to be perfectly honest, you should fulfill your role as a father above all else. Fuck what everyone else says, your duty is to keep him alive - if he isn't willing to listen, and there is nothing in your power that you can do to sway him (cutting him off financially, writing him out of your will, going to his house and getting rid of it yourself, beating the shit out of him until he gives it up, etc) then you need to do whatever you can to get him to stop.

If that means calling the cops, then so be it - but I would exhaust all other options before going this route. You might be able to plead the case down to something minor. Steroids and depression do not mix, AT ALL. He may not be happy, but at least he'll be alive.

I've had friends who got into some fucked up shit, and serving a little bit of time would have been much more preferable to the way they turned out.


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DO NOT call the cops.on your own son. I feel that the way you wprded your post is alarmist and unwise, and bordering o. irresponsible. YES, I agree that he needs to fill his.role as father at all costs, and NO steroids and anti depressents dont particularly mix very well--HOWEVER your post makes it sound as if he is in immediate mortal peril and that is not the case in any sense, nor is it going to help a layperson and concerned father think through things in a reasonable and rational state of mind. It encourages overreaction.

To the father--this is hard. really hard, and you are obviously a lovi.g father that a kid should feel proud to have. He is 19 and a teen, with all that comes with it. However it speaks worlds to the relationship you guys have that he would not attempt to hide his decision--or even thst he would talk to you before going into finalizing his.decision.

apologies this is on my phone keypad btw. typos plague me on my phone pad!

What is fueling this is typical 19 yesr old dreams +bullet proof mindset + impatience, along with not a little bit of typiczl teen rebellion because his dad doesnt approve and he is a teen. As perverse as this would sound, calli.g the cops.to search or searching his apartment/home yourself is the last thing you should do. It will break the trust he has with you--backhanded it may be here, but it still represents a trust from somebpdy trying tofind their new adulthood and independence. Do anything else, but not those two things.

I agree you may think about cutting him.off and other solutions like that, because after all he is not completely independent and self sufficient yet, and therefore you are still the guiding and authoritative hand in some ways, and should be true to your role as a father. On the other hand if he is living on his own--with your monetary support or not--he is still needing a good amount of independence as he assumes his role as an adult on his own in this world.

You need to bear that in mind as well (I am NOT telling you not to do anything, merely saying he is reaching into his own in some ways and needs that trust with you, no matter how much he may whine or yell amd shout and disagree as they often do :). Breaking that trust by searching his new home would seriously impair your ability to guide him in the future because he won't ever confide again, at least not for a long time, even if cops are not involved)'

Regarding the cussing--don't worry about that. seriously. from your reaction it sohnds as if he is a pretty good kid that you don't hear say things like that....but that doesnt mean he didn't say them among his friends all the time before the cycle started, ok? I did/do have a much more blue collar tongue o. the internet or with friends than with my parents and I am much older than him and with my own career.

what the cussing is is 19 year old enthusiasm--and, perversely, he wants you to share it with him at the same time.he is probably doi.g it to establish the fact that he is doing somethi.g "whether you like it or not because he is his own man now"...at least subconsciously sort of trying to be on his own. hopefully that psychobabble made sense.

The danger of being on steroids, when healthy and without SSRI meds, is not overwhelming. Risky, yes. But the human body can rebound and heal from remarkable twistings of chemistry even as young as he is. I messed with prohormones (they were legal then) when I was about his age.I turned out fine physically, and the body can fix itself however dumb we may be.. with SSRI meds there is more danger, but not where you think it lies.

The problem lies not with the testosterone he is using. It is not the cause of all these tragedies, media alarmism aside. The problem lies with the fluctuations in the levels of estrogen in his body. Control for those and moodiness largely disappears

The reason people get into dznger is two fold--1st, when stopping a cycle you experience very high spikes of estrogen relative to the test in your boy (next to zero because you stopped injecting and thd body hasn't started its own production back up yet). It is importznt to note thzt this is AFTER he has stopped using steroids. This is where lot of the biggest depression comes from, which is the most dangerous point in general for SSRI patients. the 2nd point is during the cycle but once again NOT due to the testosterone, due to not controlling wild peaks and valleys in estrogen levels.

This point is 110% avoidable with uses of ancillaries meant to prohibit the creation of estrogen and keep its levels and fluctuations in check. 100% avoidable ok? depression and moodiness from this can be eliminated, although sadly that does not eliminate bad 19year old.behavior or stupid teenage risk taking behavior, which of course bring their own problems and potential for injury or accident as you are experiencing. I am sorry.

The good news is if he is taking arimidex or a similar anti estrogen then point 2 is pretty much eliminated. The best news.is that if you can get him to come off the cycle inside the first 2-3 weeks from beginning it he wil rebound almost instantly and pretty much painlessly. after about the 3 week margin the recovery process becomes your biggest point of concern regarding the SSRIs, depression and things.

It is a tough position to be in. I put my dad through something like it even though they were legal then, but I did tell him in advance just like your son did, and we got through it just fine because I still held that trust sith him, which searching of my room in the dorm or apartment--let alone confiscation and officers of the law would have eviscerated, probably for years with my personality.

once zgain sorry for typos and grammar. it is late znd my thumbs dont like my phone touchpad. I am not a retard, I promise :slight_smile:


Your son will be just fucking fine. IF he does cycle after cycle, he probably will end on TRT sooner. But, if ones cycles all the time, he will end on TRT eventually. What you can do is educate yourself on steroids, on ACTUAL EVIDENCE on what they do, what are their side effects, at what dosages problems start to arise (IMPORTANT, it is not the same using 500mg of test and 2g of test), and of course, send him to a doctor every 6 months for complete bloodwork and a liver scan.

All the the above are not necessary, if he just takes normal dosages at normal timelines, but just for the sake of your mind. Also, point him to this forum. A fuckload of knowledgeable people.


I am 45 with 3 sons - oldest is 15 . I have alway been into weights and body shaping since I was 16 . At 18-19 I did a cycle of TESTOSTERONE and Deca - no Aromatase inhibitors . I got bigger and stronger . One night I had a very hot chick in my room willing to do anything sexual . I could not get it hard - no matter how she tried . Well, what could I say to her - I gave no excuse and just took her home . That was a real eye opener to me . Why look good if you can't perform in bed .

The steroids your son is taking could steer him away from other drugs he will be exposed to , if he is "health" conscious. Yes steroids are bad for the mind but I have been on Zoloft for 20 years and I am currently on low dose Testosterone replacement therapy ( perhaps because I screwed up my nuts at 19 ! ) DO NOT INVOLVE THE POLICE . The courts will eat him alive and if he does get jail time - they got roids in there too . Just be there for him - good times and bad - give your advice , but realize he will make bad decision through life , like we all did .


It is somewhat ironic that you are worried about the steroids (rightly so) but not the SSRI. You should be more worried about the SSRI.

SSRIs mess with hormones, often reducing testosterone, thus making it harder for the patient to gain muscle. They also cause sexual side effects in 60-70% of patients, and in addition affect blood lipids and cardiovascular markers in a bad way, probably doing more damage in the long run than a short steroid cycle would. Their effect on young adults whose brains are still developing is not well understood, and it is known that they increase the risk of suicide in young adults.

Going to the police would destroy the rest of his life. Don't even think about it.


I would tend to agree with this as well, but I figured I rambled on enough in my first post to not touch on this subject in addition.


SSRI are used widely for people with depression . Very well studied . As far as SSRI increasing risk of suicide - I would guess that depression increases risk of suicide .


You are right in that they are widely used and widely studied, but that does not make them well UNDERSTOOD...or side-effect free. This is a critical difference.

Also there are studies that link SSRIs--specifically--to increased suicide rates in certain people. Research is ongoing and conflicting, but there is a very REAL possibility of this being causative. A number of studies show a consistently increased risk. It is not enough to warrant a full scale pull back of the drugs but it is enough to concern people who know the subject--or the chemistry.

Again, this is not to say they should be avoided 100%, because they help a lot of people. But as with all medications they should be looked at with an eye towards caution, particularly in light of this.


Good point .


Hi Speakenglish. Regarding your Son and his Dream of the Week. Young people that are nieve believe a needle in the Bum is all that is necessary to win a Mr.America title. Let Sonny boy learn the his own personal experience.Believe me I have trained with many wannabe's that got nothing from steroids except 20-pounds of fat and water. Like other's have stated please don't over react,as if you due the only by-product that will exist is resentment. You American's seem really paranouid in regard's to hormones,similar to your arcane drug Law's regarding Marijuana. let the nonsense run it's couse,next week he will want to be a Forest ranger.see ya john