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Son on Steroids - Advice Needed


I'm a single mother, I've worked out all my life, and introduced my son to the gym when he was a teenager. However, since about his senior year in high school, at about 17, he started using steroids he ordered online and hiding them from me. I thought he finally quit last year, when he went off to college, but now he's home for the holidays and I just found a new stash in his room.

He's 19 now, and over the past two years he's lied to me, stolen money from me to replace the steroids that I threw out, and is becoming increasingly rude and hostile toward me--until he wants something. Classic addict behavior.

The package I just found contains:

Letro 6
Nandrolone Phenylprop
Boldenone Acetate
Anavar Powertrip
Generation II SRX labs
...and some other crap.

Now he thinks we wants to go off and become a Navy SEAL and is probably taking them again to boost his training.

I've tried to explain to him the negative effects of steroid use. I'm a single mother and have no one to help back me up in talking to him. I'm extremely concerned for his health, both physical and mental. Does anyone have any information or advice on anything I can say or do that will possibly reach him? Any place a parent can go to find out how to help an adolescent addicted to steroids? I just want my son back!


Typical addict behavior? No, your son is just a douchebag


x2, I'd kick him out and have another


Yeah, well he's become more of a "douchebag" since taking roids. Seriously, his level of anger, resentment and rudeness has increased.


Your son is not addicted to steroids and his behavior is increasing because he is 19, a douchbag, and you continue to throw his drugs out which just so you know throwing his shit out making him go cold turkey with no cycle support at that time can be much worse to his health and especially mental out look on life and at the people around him. He is 19 kick his out that fucking simple. Or stop throwing his shit away and maybe he won't be so pissed. I am not saying to back down and let him walk all over you but you have 2 choices.

  1. Learn to live with the steroids.
  2. Kick his out and make him live on his own terms.

You can't have both. He is old enough to know his actions have consequences. Now choose where you stand. There is nothing we will tell him here that he will listen too or change his mind.


kick his ass out. He's 19, he should've moved out by now anyway


I only threw his stuff out once, over a year ago, when he was still 17. I told him then I didn't want them in my house. At 18 he was living on his own away at school, but is now home for the holidays, with new packages. Obviously, whether he's acting like a douchebag or not, I'm concerned.

What I'm looking for is useful advice on what a parent, or other concerned loved one can do, or resources they can go to, to help the person they care about. People don't seem to realize how what they decide to do with their bodies (whether roids, street drugs, alcohol, etc.) affects the people around them.


Have you tried...talking to him? Without being judgmental or close-minded. Steroids are not like other drugs and the list of permanent harmful effects are mostly speculation. Yes it is illegal but he is going to do it regardless. So take a different approach and make sure he does it as safely and intelligently.

Lastly, nothing you said points toward a steroid or drug addiction. You threw his gear away and he had to replace it or risk permanent damage. Throwing away his gear is about the worst thing you can possibly do. You potentially put him at risk of gynomastia, inability to restart his natural test production, etc.


Totally agree. It's like since I started using steroids, women just can't keep their hands off me, and men want so badly to be me.

I dunno if it's pheromones or what, because I keep my rippling biceps and chiselled abs covered up, but still the girls paw at me, drooling and grabbing at my crotch.

The guys are even worse! It's all "bro, how'd you get your pecs like that?" or "bro, what supps should I be using?"

If only I'd known before I started using steroids just how incredible they'd make me, I'd never have touched them.



OP, I bet there is a good reason why your son is acting the way he is.. you sound overbearing as fuck.


So you think steroids are grouped in the same catagory as street drugs like meth and crack etc?


Sorry lady you are not getting any help here. Your delusional about what he is on in my opinion and most here. He is not addicted and Chances are on roids or not he will be an ass hole to you. So kick him out that simple. Only choice as obviously you won't even consider how it is his body and he is a legal adult to make his own choices at this point.


The only thing i can understand is if you actually did tell him to not bring anything to your house and he did then thats his fault. But why in the hell are you snooping through your 19 year olds belongings who doesnt even live under your roof anymore? No wonder he moved out


Never mind. For some reason, I thought I might get some intelligent answers here. I wasn't snooping; he left some things on the kitchen table and I put them away in his room and saw the package by his bed. And he's in MY damned house!! I'm not overbearing, just a concerned mother who is worried about her teenage son. And I don't need the abuse and blame here; I'm trying to find some intelligent advice. One day some of you will be parents, and then maybe you'll have a little more perspective.


No wonder he acts like a douchbag to her lol




exactly, how is this not snooping through his stuff? unless the box had a big label "STEROIDS" LOL.


I guess I posted on the wrong forum. Some of your responses were ok, but others of you are probably the same F**ktards that give steroid advice to teenage kids. I'm a medical researcher and I know the risks of steroids are pretty well documented, just downplayed so fools who wanna cheat buy them. At least "natural selection" will keep some of you from reproducing when your balls become the size of raisins! LOL!



Well what did you expect? You came on an internet forum looking for advice instead of just actually talking to your son like a decent parent would do.

And I think it's clear from this thread who should've been kept from reproducing...


Never taken steroids but have taken (and still do occasionally take) plenty of other drugs, and there's no way my parents telling me off would have made me stop. All I think you can do is appeal to his senses from the perspective of "it upsets you", but in reality that's about the most you can do. If he's taking gear but is fine in all other aspects, I'd say it's best to live with it. If he's stealing from you, he's a prick and needs kicking out