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Son Light Power Fed Rules


im competing in the slp fed in june and if anyone else has, will you please give me the bench press rules...thank you very much!

oh and to people wo are having trouble buying from inzer directly, monster muscle sells everything they do at the same price, except that they dont have the economy belt sighs


I seriously think just about "anything goes" in the SLP. I have seen by far the dirtiest lifts ever done in the SLP. They're cool though, because they seemingly have 700 meets a month, per state. The SLP, at least in Indiana, is BUSY.

Seriously though, the rules are about the same as in any other fed, except they don't require a singlet.



lol yeah i seen some shitty form in there. im kinda glad cuz then i can put up more weight. i dotn need to break any records cuz there is no record to break in the 220 class for equip bench




Or a judge, estimating from that description...