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Son Is Interested in Iron


My 11 year old son asked me if he could join me in my workout this weekend. I told him sure and didn't give it much more thought since he asked about it on Friday. He was still excited on Saturday and this morning he was up before me to go to the gym. His first lift was DL's. He never complained once. I just thought it was cool that he has shown an interest - I hope it lasts.


Haha, very cool!


That is VERY cool! Also, it a great time for bonding and building a relationship for the future.

I keep hoping that my kids will want to lift when they get older. They are 3, 5 and 8. Right now, my youngest is the only one who tries to "lift", when in the workout room with me. Fortunately there are a couple of 1# and 5# DBs laying around.


That is very neat.
Actually my dad has been asking me to teach him. He's a good basketball player and generally tough SOB but has never ventured from the machines.


One of my regrets is that I was unable to demonstrate proper DL technique due to a hip injury. However, I stood with him and made sure he did it right. I even had him doing rack pulls. We had to go all over the gym to find dumb bells he could effectively work with. The cool thing is that he has seen me going to the gym on a regular basis for many years and seems to think that is the way to be. I won't push him, only encourage with gusto. It's really awesome.


that quite brave, but also quite stupid. DL first? cmon, thats only the most complicated and technical exercise


Why, thanks Richard Cranium!


He's eleven that makes him an elastic. Plus DL is the safest, if you can't handle it you drop it no harm. Squats or bench can get messy!

Way cool, keep it fun. Great times are on the horizon.


Very cool, and I hope my sons show an interest when they get to that age. Daughters already show somewhat of an interest in general fitness, but they're not throwing weights around yet.

JimmyT is the master at training with the sons. I'd like to hear advice from him on how to interest them and keep them at it.


That is so cool. Pay no attention to the "quite stupid" comment. There's still a lot of that "Weightlifting is detrimental for kids" mentality going around. Dead lift sounds like a great place to start. I know what it must feel like, because about a month ago, my 12 year old daughter started throwing hammer with me on the weekends.


That is awesome Carl. Must make you really proud. The young are amazing, they just need their role models and in some cases their Heros (Carl)!


Awesome. I have vid of my (then) 5 year old daughter 'deadlifting' a single dumbbell. Also doing "Goblet Squats" a la Dan John. It's true, even a 5 year old can to it.

My girls are always wanting to do stuff with me (hockey, skate, lift, etc.). Hopefully, that lasts forever :wink:

Best of luck to you and your son-- hope it sticks with him!


My boy expresses intermittent interest in pushing weights, but he hasn't actually decided to do it. That's cool, he's only 11 with a lot of interests right now. But when the sports bug hits, I expect we'll be working out together...


for the love of god, show him good form early


Most definitely. I'm not too insistent right now, because I don't want to nazi-fy him away, but proper form is coached. He's pretty resilient - he did competitive gymnastics at one point. Took second in the California State comps for his level. He's strong for his size and able to learn good form from that training experience.