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Somewhat New to This Site


Hey guys and gals,

I was wondering if you guys can help me out a bit. I have been a part of bodybuilding.com a year, or so now and I want to switch it up. It seems like the teen section of bb.com is full of kids who don't know squat and that erks me. My main goal is to look good and have strength. So I have set out on a two year goal of reaching my "potential" by the time I am 20 years old. So far the first year has gone by pretty nicely. I have bulk then cut and I about to bulk again. My legs are lagging and I want to make them full during the next three months.

When I first started this was me ------> http://imgur.com/ZGYjUQ5 (152lbs) The attached picture/my default picture is me a week ago (151 lbs). It might be a bit of an exaggeration because of the gym lighting and instagram filter, but i've still made progress. What I really want help on is deciding on a workout program. It's hard for me to find too many programs on this site. The only ones I see are under training, but they seem a bit to complex for me and seem to involve me consuming pills, which I struggle taking.

Which program would you recommend for me? I will figure out my macronutrients soon enough for my clean bulk. I have two weeks and a couple days left of my cut. Currently on a low carb diet(200 grams or less a day with 150+ grams of protein, and 100< grams of of fat). Only consuming 1950-2100 calories a day plus intense workouts. Help me out!


I think you need to spend that two years working on more size. I am just being honest.

You made great progress since you started and managed to add some muscle and lose some fat...but nowhere near the amount I would expect from someone who had your starting point.


There's a guy's naked ass in the background.

I agree with Professor X. This is what I am working on as well.

Any basic compound lifting program will work - Starting Strength for example

Just focus on getting bigger and stronger at this stage. Eat and rest too.


Why the rush? That's not a ton of time to see major significant results. Keep more like 6 or 12 months in mind. And remember you will not get bigger legs if your bodyweight doesn't go up. You can't get up to 160 pounds and be like "WTF, why aren't my legs huge yet?"

Not sure what programs you've looked at, but none that I can think of require any kind of pills. Workout nutrition, like a shake that has protein and carbs, is usually suggested because that's a good thing to have during training.

A few to choose from, doesn't really matter which you go with. At this point, you should have a decent enough base to handle the work:

You're already really lean, so you don't have to worry about keeping a super-strict "clean bulk." Gaining some bodyfat is almost unavoidable, but the good thing is that you'll also be gaining a bunch of muscle along the way because you're starting the bulk in such good shape.


I fall somewhere along the lines of Professor X and Colucci. I think you've done very well, but could have done a little more--that being said almost nobody does it perfectly starting out, so don't take it badly.

to Chris--obviously this guy is good to go for a long haul, but I don't think there's anything wrong with havin a 3 month priority on the legs. One can make pretty good progress in 3 months.

OP--what workout routine have you been following? What is your history training wise and perhaps lifts? a little more info would be helpful in steering you towards your best choices program-wise.

I for one do NOT think you should do Starting Strength at all. If I read your goals right I think that would not be very good for you.


Thanks, I thought so myself.

But, why would I spend two years doing that. Most people spend like 3-6 months bulking then cut then bulk again. Wouldn't that be the ideal plan. Plus I don't want to be more than 180 lbs. I'm a small guy. What program would you recommend?


Basic is for novice is it not? I have my basic compound workouts down except for deadlifts. I have never been good at it. Getting better now though.


Alright I will put aside the three month bulk. And I wasn't going to focus mainly on my legs, it was going to be an all around routine. But I think working on legs mainly would bring up my lagging legs. I will post some pictures of them soon. I will look into those programs. I work grave and I have time to look at them. Thanks again man.


For sure a dedicated specialization phase can bring some results in 3 months. I just think this dude might be better served thinking more long term. Sort out the problem if the legs are on the smaller side, but I'd make it part of the bigger picture rather than the primary focus for now.

Ha, no way did I mean to talk you out of bulking. Like I said, I just think you're still at a point where you can make more/bigger/better improvements by still focusing on the mid-to-long term instead of breaking things into too many different short term steps.

Reminds me of something I forgot to address before:

If you can get more specific with your goals (who you want to look like; what you want to weigh; what your squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press will be; etc.), then you'll be able to figure out an even better plan to get there.