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Sometimes I Wish Tomorrow Would Come


Have you ever had days where everyone seems to just be busy, nothing seems to be on tv, and every activity you do just seems to be a bore. Then you just sit there and think to yourself, damn I wish it was tomorrow so I could just go to the gym again. I even went back to the gym today to swim laps in the pool, but damn I just want to get up tomorrow and hit the iron.


Then Why don't make a 7 day routine?!?


Yeah... It's called looking forward to an activity you enjoy.

Since yours is going to the gym, you're just an uber badass


Yep i understand i took 3 weeks of work and i am extremely bored, I really should have booked a holiday or something I'm even starting to watch Big Brother and Im a celebrity USA




I do mate, doing the 40 day program.

And ya I know I'm an uber badass!