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Sometimes Blood Comes When I Pull the Needle Out

So i allways draw syringe a little back and no blood. But sometimes when i pull the needle out of my ass, blood might come?

Why are you drawing back? It’s not heroin, man, you don’t need to do that. And yes, when poking holes in your body you will occasionally find some blood. It’s nothing to be concerned about.

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Anatomy 101! :^ )

i think most of people will pull plunger a little bit back to see if it is in vein…? and actually i fuckin freak myself out, but im still alive 2 days later… i seriously tought now i hit all to vein and RIP so i took clonazepam and went bed. not funny at all.

Yep it happens no issue

How much or how long do people pull the blunger back ? i pull maybe 0.05ml i see “bubbles” coming and then inject. But this time it was different, it was not a little blood coming and my but is still fucking hurt, so thats why i realy scared. But obviously i seem to be fine with death since i went to bed like “aaalrighty then”.

Never once. There is no reason to aspirate and it is more likely to do more harm than good.

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Hmm i find this very ordinary :o just curious, can you explain ?. So you dont mind about if you dumb something into your vein when injecting ?

IF you are injecting into a safe IM area, then there is no chance of hitting a major artery. Nurses are now even taught to not aspirate.

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Seems the shit realy scared the shit out of me. Now it has been 4 days and im ok, so i assume i am not going to die… maybe. Tomorrow is a new injection and i am nervous as fuck… i still think i injected into vein and i am waiting my collapse…

Your injections should be running at a 90 degree angel to the area you are injecting. In order to inject into your vein the angle would have to be like 10-15 degrees. Veins, vessels, are punctured all the time. Think about when they draw blood, or you donate blood. You will be just fine.

Yeah thats true. But i still think on my head that i somehow dumped all the test into vein in my glute. Been felt a little bit sick, but maybe i am just coming sick or have been little sick, flue or something. Also muscles at neck,traps,back are jamming again, i should go to massage. 2 months ago they jammed so bad that i went to take painkillers and shit to my ass. Damn the feeling was great when all relaxed and i noticed i didnt have 10 self diagnosed shit… hah.