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Sometimes Being Skinny Is Good

Fat people float you know, so they won’t sink if the boat goes down. for instance, my dads coworker is short and real fat, and she floats when she jumps in the pool. Food for thought.!!!LOL

I’m in a similar situation, and I’m enjoying it thoroughly. I’ve been working out for 2 years now and I’ve improved a lot. But you should have seen where I’m coming from.

So I’m pretty strong, not top of the club but definately subtop, and improving. But I still look average, especially in the mirror muscle department.

Anyway, the regulars at my gym know me, respect me, recognise that I know my stuff and ask me to spot for them. Some even ask advice on exercises and form. Which I’m reluctant to give since I know enough to know I don’t know a lot.

But the newbies look at me and decide I’m not a safe spotter. They redicule my wood chop because they don’t know the exercise. They comment on my “partial deadlift” when I’m shrugging. One of them even had the nerve the question my triceps cable push down, “because with those arms, you couldn’t do it properly using that weight”. Then got pissed when I ignored him.

I offered to spot for a skinny kid once. He was benchpressing at his limits at 120 lbs, but he declined and went for the owner instead. The owner than told him he had spotted for me when I benched 180 lbs. You should have seen the look on his face. :wink: