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Sometimes Being Skinny Is Good


I've noticed one thing that being the skinny guy in the gym is good.
Yeah I'm one of my gyms skinny guys. Trust me I'm working on it but it is what it is.
Well, my new gym, excuse me, fitness center isn't too bad. The typical gym goers are there (soccer moms, old ladies who definitely shouldn't wear that, big dudes, the "know it all", a few "talkers" and frat boys, and a few people who just might be t-men and t-vixens. The music definitely sucks but the weights are not touched much and brand new, it's liveable.
Well I was in yesterday working upper body and it finally donned on me that being skinny gives me some advantages you bulkier guys don't have.
1.) I never get asked for a spot even if I'm stronger than the person needing the spot, cause I don't have 20 inch guns.
2.) The talkers don't bug me about my routines, lifting form or any of that.
3.) I get to make people feel bad when I close grip bench what they make their workout body deadlift off them.
Sometimes being skinny is somewhat good, although I'd love to add the obligatory 10 extra pounds.

Sorta off topic and a rant,


What in Gods name are you talking about?


well, sometimes being a fatass is good too ... like the other day when i had to sit on a skinny guy for putting a post like this in the "Building a Better Body" forum ... cut it out





Yeah it must be really great that people don't respect you because it looks like you don't work out . . . even though you do.


laughin' my fuckin ass off...


Yeh and when the sea levely rise because of global warming you'll sink while the fat bastards sail away to sea.


Give the guy a break. The guy is trying to pack on more muscle. He is just looking for the positive in his current condition. Jeezus...

You could do the same for fat people:

1.) People stare and wonder when you fall over if you are gonna cause the next big tsunami
2.) You float and don't have to exert yourself when you swim
3.) mmm blubber makes good oil for lighting that cabin
4.) being confused with a whale while in the ocean is awesome because sharks won't frick with you.

Or in the gym, reasons why being a fatty is good.

1.) I'm fat and no one asks me for a spot because they are afraid I'll fall over on top of them and smother them
2.) I can't do squat rack curls because I can't fit in the squat rack.
3.) Bouncing up and down on the treadmill provides vibrational energy that everyone has to fight against along with whatever else they are doing so that makes them stronger.
4.) My rolls make air move better than most fans...

come on guys he was just looking at the positive side of being a little skinny. Atleast he is trying,


Here's another one:

You could try to get the job of the skinny wimp in the upcoming movie remake of the Charles Atlas legendary one-page advertisment. They would then use another actor to play you after the transformation.

Or maybe:

you could stand in for one of the broomsticks that the big guys use to stretch with.

Or perhaps:

You could sit on the leg press if one of the women needed to use it. You know, sometimes 45lb plates are too much.


Another bonus to being skinny is that you won't be the first person eaten if your plane goes down in the Andees.

Ok, now that I got my Funny out of the way...



I need some medical advice guys i just got cracked up. You know where I can buy some kit to rebuild a skinny bastard?


And if you ever loose your pen, you can dip your head in ink and breakdace across a page!


Well it would seem as I struck some nerves. Excuse me all. I see that Hardcore got the gist of the post. Yes Natural Nate it is a little annoying at the lack of respect I get based on frame size and fat percentage, trust me I see this where I work everyday. Then again, I'm not luggin around 10-20 pounds of useless crap like some people and I don't have my workouts increased by 20 minutes by people who don't know a damn thing. But then again maybe that's why I'm here, I like the challenge.


You may be a relatively strong guy (until you post numbers we can't know for sure) but don't blame frame size and fat percentage. If you grow impressive muscles, people will notice.


I was just goofing off a little. Lighten up man. But by that I don't mean rip down or loose extra water. Then you whon't even be able to get the ink out of your hair and on to the page.


While I'm not the biggest guy in the gym, I have had a few people come up and ask me what I'm doing sometimes (Stiff Leg Deadlifts and the like). I actually enjoy talking to people in the gym, be it people who come up to me or people I go up to, and I can only imagine that they enjoy it as well otherwise the conversation would be really short.

"So what kind of a routine do you follow?"

"Typical Body Builders." (Returns to working out)


Maybe this is why you're not the biggest guy in the gym?


Because we all know talking is catabolic. It's not like those guys start losing muscle when people talk to them.


the big guys at my gym seem to do nothing except talk the entire time they are there.. . I see most of them do single sets of exercises (often doing several exercises per body part especially if its a bicep day!) spaced with about 5 minutes of talking. ..

a lot of them also think its cool to either do a. no leg work or b. do squats but only 1/4 of the full ROM and c. to use straps with every imaginable exercise. ..