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Something Wrong with my Tricep?


I recently Dislocated my elbow. The swelling has gone down and I have alot of movement back already even though its only been two weeks. Can not completley straighten or bend my arm up just yet. down to the problem I can flex my forearm and bicep just fine, however my triceps has seemed to atrophy away and when i try and flex it it is very soft and small....What is the problem?


Ummm how did you dislocate your elbow? I'm having a hard time imagining exactly how that would work unless you were doing insane rack pulls or something

Did you mean hyperextend by any chance? And how/what happened?

Did you see a doctor?


first: douche

second: elbow buckle


Yes I went and saw a ortho I just recently had my checkup he said I was healing just fine and I could start using light weight again. No it was dislocated. It wasnt done in the gym however. I was out fooling around and had been drinking a little bit and was trying to show off on a trampoline.

Now my main concern is another dislocation happening when I am fully cleared to get back at some real weight