Something Wrong with How I Train?

This is my training split:

I lift Sunday, Tuesday,Wednesday and either thursday and friday. I alternate between the three workouts:

Back gets 3-5 exercises, deadlifts every other session. Shoulders get 3 exercises

Chest gets 4 exercises, arms get 3 each.

5-6(depends if I work calves, also dont count mobile/hip thrusts as part of it, as there more warm up stuff)

I alternate heavy and light training every session(one back session heavy, next high reps).

I ask because I was talkin to a “trainer” today and he said “You should do full body”. I told him those are hard for me because i train on back to back days.

Anyways, I didnt even respond going to other sites because they all have overtraining on there mind.

BTW, I eat 2-3 thousand calories a day and have been training for almost 6 years.

Any help would be nice.

would help if you gave more detail about each workout… and also what’s your weight?

Back Shoulders:
Deadlift 3x5(only done every other workout)
Pull ups 3x10
Pulldowns(any grip) 3x 12
DB row 3 x10
Shrugs 3x10
Laterals 3x12
Press 3x10

Thats a heavy day, on a light day reps are 15-20. Also if shoulders are bothering me, Ill go lighter

Start with a fly 3x12
Incline Press
Flat press
end with a fly

Arms get 2-3 exercises each.


Really depends on how my low back feels but usually:
Front squat
Stiff dls
Legg Press

Also 5 foot 10, about 200 lbs. BF is about 10-15 is my guess.

I’d put something for rear delts in there, and I don’t like your 10-12 reps one day, 15-20 the next, but to your overtraining question, as long as you’re eating enough and sleeping enough, it’s pretty hard to overtrain lifting 4 days/week. Actually it’s pretty hard to overtrain at all.

BTW your description of your diet as “I eat 2-3 thousand calories/day” makes me think you need to focus more on that.

My meal plan is eggs/whites with oatmeal. Post workout is shake with 50g protein and fruit. Then my last four meals are a lean protein with veggies and complex carbs. I also snack on almonds.

Training for 6 years and you haven’t learned to dismiss the advice of “trainers at your gym?”

What do you think is wrong?
If you want a change you might do upper/lower split about 7 weeks than back to your split or similar.
For a change your heavy days might be 8 reps(10 for legs).
Overtraining might happen if you push to failure each and every set.
All the best!

After 6 years, screw this template and try something different.
TBT, like your trainer suggested, is definitely an option.

2-3K calories is not much for growing muscle, ESPECIALLY if the stimulus is stale.

My advice: try out a high frequency schedule -this site has hosts a few- and up your calories to about 5000.

[quote]Schwarzfahrer wrote:
My advice: try out a high frequency schedule -this site has hosts a few- and up your calories to about 5000.

You think he should bump up his calories from eating 2-3000 calories/day, to 5000? An extra 2-3000/day from what he’s eating now? That sounds like a great way to add some muscle and a lot of fat.

OP, assuming your goals are physique/bodybuilding related, as you posted in the bodybuilding forum, you should probably do a bodybuilding split. But it is probably a good idea to switch up what you’re doing. Check out this thread it has a bunch of bodybuilding splits listed.

Your 10-12 reps one day and 15-20 reps the next day doesn’t make much sense. 5-8 one day and 10-12 the other day would make more sense, keeping in mind differences for different muscle groups/exercises (i.e. doing 12 reps on deadlifts doesn’t make much sense, neither does doing 5 reps on lateral raises).

And if you’re not gaining weight (assuming your goal is to add muscle), start eating more, like, add 500 or so calories to what you’re eating, and then adjust every couple weeks based on your own progress.