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Something Wicked This Way Comes... Again


by Tim Patterson



holy shit, time to sell our souls :smiley:

money-back guarantee, I'll give it a shot. Or hold on to it for when someone is desperate for some :smiley:


Am I reading correctly that it won't ship outside of the US? Or is it along the lines of certain other supps, that being hit and miss?


Whats the chances of this stuff being any good?


considering most of their other supplements I've tried are top-notch, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. But, the price is steep, gotta have faith :smiley:

oh, and i want to be the first to ask.

can I stack this with Flameout, Creatine, cheeseburgers, ZMA, and Superfood :smiley:


Beautiful, guys. Just beautiful.




You doubt it??? I don't and need to get some of this!!!



Been there, done that, and I'm already out a kidney.

But seriously, I keep rereading the article and smiling.


I'm surprised this wasn't addressed but what about coming in contact with others while having this on the skin?

For instance, holding a baby or hugging the wife?


Are there any (undesirable) side effects?


Still a lot of these things floating around UK, government here too lazy to ban them, that would involve doing some work. Not sure how this one compares to these ... just because the US overlooked it doesn't make it better than all those that were banned.

How does this compare to MAG-10? It will be interesting to see what people think of the two compared.

I hope people planning to try this are also planning to actually do some gym work as well. And eat. And sleep. Did I mention lift weights?

I just hate to think of people wasting it.

Good on T Nation for having the guts to try something new (again)


Muscular baby?


I'd be more worried about them stealing my expensive 11-T.

seriously though, I would figure after the 5-7 mins IIRC it is fully absorbed.


Considering it's likely to be banned, would it be worth buying this stuff now while it's legal to and then holding on to it until a person was "ready" to use it? Or would it "go bad"?


I hate to be this guy, because I'm loyal to your site and product, but didn't Pat Arnold but 11-OXO on the market like, over a year ago, which is just like your 11T, just not transdermal?


Horny Wife?


Not that I'm anything special. But you can see the results in my bulking thread on T-Cell Alpha.

I'm not sure when I'll start taking it though. I'd like to wait, but then again I'm eager to see how it turns out.

I'm eating 4500 cals/day, lifting 4 x week, sleeping 8-8.5 hrs and supplementing with other stuff.


It says in the article to wait for it to dry a little before getting dressed.

So as long as it doesn't take 20 mins to dry, then you should be able to avoid contact until it drys or you can get dressed, right?



Does this have a shelf life? Like if I bought some today and didn't plan on using it for 2-3 months, I assuming that wouldn't be an issue as far as it losing potency, right?