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Something We Can All Agree to Not Like



some big brother bullshit.


I am shocked this story would come out with the elections coming up, are they trying to solidify their demise come November?


It definitely hurts their chances. And I'm no conservative, but this really gets my goat.


I saw this.
Shit, I don't want Uncle Sam to see my boobs!

More seriously, I am through with these people.


How can anyone NOT be pissed about this? Something this blatant ?


Again, the "national security" excuse serves as a blanket statement for all things concerning censorship. I'm afraid this wouldn't change under Republican leadership either.

It seems government is destined to grow at an exponential pace, and politicians will conveniently use a nameless and faceless enemy to expand its power.

War and fear are the health of the state.


Good point. It doesn't seem to be a partisan issue. The government as a whole has been encroaching on civil liberties and privacy at an alarming rate under the guise of keeping us safe. Hopefully people in congress will have the backbone to stand up against it.


This recalled a point of 1984 to mind. The raging everpresent "War" between Oceania and the other 2 "empires" that is used to justify encroachments on civil liberties and, indeed, to re-write thought and history.

They won't. Not without a national call-in campaign like those for the Stimulus and Healthcare. Of course, that may only convince them they're onto something given their past record of listening to massive amounts of call-ins and then ignoring them (whether you think they made the right decision with that or not isn't the point).


People in congress are the government.

I am afraid that you will have to do the "standing up against it" bit yourself.


This is the Tea Party Movement at it's finest. People not just complaining, but grabbing their nuts in their hands and saying "FUCK YOU" both in spirit and in the voting booth.


So are you conservatives saying that, when Bush Jr. passed the Patriot Act, you got up in arms over the govt's "right" to spy on you?

Yes or no?

Because I remember quite fucking vividly how many people said, "Well, it's for a good reason. We're at war....etc."


How exactly is this different from telephone-wire taps?


1) It will not work in the intended fashion. For emails it will rely upon a software back door. The problem is terrorists/criminals etc can simply use software that has no back doors (for instance software they write themselves, or software released before these law changes, software written in countries that don't require a back door to be implemented, or open source software). Hence it cannot work against terrorists and crafty criminals.

2) It makes communication less secure. If there are back doors then hackers can take advantage of them and decrypt sensitive data. This would likely be used in corporate espionage.

For example if China finds out the secret back door, and they have the intelligence and man-power to do so, then they will be able to steal sensitive American data.

3) The system modification is expensive. And it looks like the government is willing to foot the bill. Because the system won't work this is a massive waste of money.


I think part of the difference is that telephone communication is traditionally a closed system. The internet is a very open system with a many more connections per person. I don't know the details of monitoring someone via the internet vs traditional wire-tap methods, but it seems that much more tangential information would become available to investigators.

Also, requiring that many sites be able to unencrypt encrypted communication on demand would likely open the door for people with more nefarious intent. Decreasing the security of online communication doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

Things like this probably wouldn't be so bad if there were a guarantee that they wouldn't be used unlawfully. But as the past has shown, the government doesn't always look for legal permission up front. Who's to say they won't be monitoring everything possible?


Nice post pointing out the hypocrisy in some people. While I agree, I guess the same can be said about you for bashing Bush but not Obama, right?


..i think you're forgetting Echelon; we're already under surveillance. I'm not saying i'm happy about another nail in the privacy-coffin, but let's face facts here: nothing we do or say on the 'net is private. Hell, every email sent to an address in the USA is scanned for certain keywords, so if anything this bill might make the process a little more transparant...

..did you know that, until this year, the european banks' main data servers were in the USA and the US government had acces to any and all information about our transactions? They weren't too happy when the EU decided to migrate the servers to european facilities and had to negotiate to get acces to business transactions...

..let's not fool ourselves in thinking that governments, no matter how "free" and democratic they say they are, have our best interests at heart. The machine is controled by people who don't give a damn about the common folk, or criminals for that matter. These are interesting times we live in; just stay aware of the consequences of technological progress and stop pledging your allegiance to a side...

..there are no sides here, they are all answering to one group of people anyway: the top 1% who own most of the wealth on this planet...


I did not agree with the Patriot Act either, I am an equal opportunity hater.