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Something to Take an Ice Bath In


Im looking for something to take an ice bath in. I cant find any big enough trash cans at homedepot. Anybody know of something I can use (something cheap 20-30$)


Can't you just put a couple of bags of ice in your bathtub?


Im in college right now, there's only showers.


And if anyone can enlighten me on exactly how long to take a bath, that would be great. Ive read a 20 minute bath, followed bye a warm shower later is perfect.


Where do you live? I remember dave tate saying they used to lay in the snow for a few minutes then run into a hot bath or shower and repeat. You could try that... otherwise maybe just lay some ice bags on top of you while layin on the floor...


I live in NY. No more snow.


Find a friend that has a bathtub, maybe? I haven't really read much about ice baths until just now and it sounds like an interesting concept...I'll have to try it next time.

You could always make your own with some wood and a few plastic bags.


The ice-bath garbage can sounds like a winner. That's a hell of a lot of ice though.

I want pics (just of the ice can, not you).


I did some contrast bathing, (unheated pool in Colorado in December) and 108 F hot tub with the late Mel Siff at Supertraining camp. Amazing. Truly amazing.

We just did a couple minutes in each one back and forth- basically just long enough to start to get used to it(as much as can happen) and then switch.

On caution- if you finish with ice you will be wide awake and feel ready to lift again, if you finish in hot, you will be very sleepy within minutes. ( we did this around midnight after a lifting/teaching session).


Contrast shower 1min cold, 3min hot x3


I was thinking about filling it 3/4 of the way full with cold water, and the rest with ice.

Ive known people take ice baths on garbage cans a while, but didnt actually think about doing it until I saw Wanderlei Silva do it.

(Look about 3 minutes in)


When I was training at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA, they used the trash can approach.

Walking past the track and field area, there would be several cans spread about with people chillin in them, up to their neck, just legs, just arms.


Well how about this. Im 6'4, and need a garbage can. The biggest ones they have in home depot or lowes are 98 gallon trash cans. But they cost something like 80 dollars.

Does anyone know what size could fit someone of my size? The 48 gallon ones are only in the 40 dollar area, that seems perfect.


Maybe something like this?


I'm not sure about size either, and I don't know if you would be ok with it not being upright like a trash can.