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Something to Put Inspiration or Problems in Persepctive


one legged man wins NCAA title.


Nice. I love seeing stuff like this. I really do think about it when stuff scares me, & it helps! Thanks, KMC.


I remember watching him a couple of years ago. Watching him then, his win this year didn't surprise me. Awesome.


wrestling's really having a positive year....this guy excells at the highest level....two woman make it to state in Iowa for the first time, ever. i hope wrestling has re-gained some popularity. one of the few really underdog sports left, i guess...


Interesting. I would think that the lack of the leg is a crippling loss, but he shows it not the case. I've never watched too much of his stuff, but I would guess he grip fights extremely well and forces his opponents to his level. It seems hard to ride on top though, as he can't ride legs to stay tight. He does some good work with cross wrists and tight waist grips in the match above. He must have worked incredibly hard to overcome his disability, and I don't doubt he would be a champion wrestler if he had both legs.

Awesome story


Not really related but popped into my head

Meh as far as the women its disappointing that other states don't have a division for women like Texas and a few others. Then they run into issue like the Iowa girl where the dude won't wrestle them.. which I guarantee is not what the girl wants or is proud of.


yeah, i think we just don't have the population base to pull that off...

personally, if i cut weight and busted ass to get to state, i would be intent on destroying whoever i competed against. they chose to compete against me, or at least that's how i look at it...