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Something to Make You Smile


Very cute (and the complete opposite of testosterone):


I would probably have enjoyed this if I was a female.


Yeah - lol. What’s funny is my Dad sent it to me and a whole bunch of other people. He just thought it was great.


That was pretty cool!


That WAS pretty cool.


I would have freaked out when all the people ran in from outside. Cool video.


i love it. it’s amazing. then again, i’m a big julie andrews fan…


that was very cool. Sucks if you are in a hurry to catch your train and these guys are in your way though :slight_smile:


This was a stunt??
Doesn’t everybody dance through train stations?


No, that’s only Grand Central.


pretty neat… but gay nonetheless


[quote]PGA wrote:
No, that’s only Grand Central.[/quote]

Love that scene.