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Something That Has Worked For Me

So I tried doing this for a few months (when my life coincides with lifting) with great results. I switched back and forth every workout between the rep ranges of 8 and 10.

IE: If I lifted in the 8 rep range the last workout, the next workout I would be working in the 10 rep range.

I always track everything too and make sure I can barely make the last rep of the last set.

By doing this I have made both strength and size gains, what I was most impressed with was my strength gains from when I was formerly doing the old fashioned 3 sets of 10 (usually).

In almost every lift I have made some strength gains in just 4 or 5 months using this method and I’ve been lifting for a while so these weren’t newb gains either.

Hope this works for someone else too but ultimately you have to do what works for you and if you aren’t enjoying the program you are on, it will be that much more difficult to stick to and when consistency is key, it’s important to choose something that works with your lifestyle and your goals. Nothing wrong with designing your own program but use common sense and try to incorporate techniques that are tried, tested and have been proven to be reliable.

An ancient muscle and strength building system was the heavy and light system where all lifts were done heavy in early part of week, then done light in later part of the week.

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