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Something Tasty This Way Comes!


I could be mistaken because my eyes are kinda' tired, but I think there are some trucks pulling up downstairs.

Now, it could be an ILLUSION, but I think those trucks just might be full of Grow! protein bars and Strawberry-flavored Low-Carb Grow!

Man, if that's the case, we could start selling the stuff on Friday.

But like I said, it could just be my tired eyes.


This is good news TC!! I can't wait to order some bars. They will be good to have on hand just as a healthy snack alternative over the summer. Thanks T-Nation for all that you do. I know I couldn't have gotten into the condition I am now without this site. So much info and knowledge here!


I hope the new bars do better than the first time around. I really did enjoy the originals, I bought quite a few "lemon".

TC, how about some inspirational tales of risk and adventure, mountains climbed and battles won.



(thanks TC)




what do you think the news on Methoxy-7 or ZMA is? possibly a week later?

i can't wait to try these bars, i want to judge for myself if all the rants and raves are in fact true.


What time on Friday?


Finally! Thanks for sharing the news!


I'd bang that powerful image for these things to come out on Friday.


score. just in time for me to place my very large order for my MAG-10 phase.


Not sure.

We'll have to inventory all the stuff, restrain Cy from eating them all, and then start taking orders so we can start shipping early next week.


Holy crap, somewhere snoopy is doing the happy dance.


Will the peanut butter bars be available then too?


Not this Friday, but soon after.


Damn you, Cy, you better not eat all the Grow! bars or I'm gonna be pissed! Leave some for the little people (like myself), will ya?

Stay strong


That was pretty damn funny.


This is great news. I've been praying every night that the Grow! bars would make it out before my Hawaii trip in June. I was deathly afraid that I would get stuck having to buy those crappy Right and Left Turn bars or whatever the hell those soy filled candy bars are. I will also have to give that Strawberry Low-Carb Grow! a try too.

Thanks T-Nation!


Well that just fu..ing figures. I placed my order today. That's why I don't gamble.



I'll try my best. That's all I can promise.


He's already got a box open. I can smell it from here.